The Restaurant Shooting is an officer-involved shooting between Debra Morgan and an unknown shooter.


Restaurant Shooter - Not much is known except that before the shooting he was a waiter at that restaurant until he was fired for unknown reasons. He later came back to the restaurant wearing kevlar and wielding two guns as he starts shooting and killing people. (Episode 601: Those Kinds of Things)


Detective (then) Debra Morgan - Was there off-duty having drinks with Quinn when the shooter comes in and starts his shooting spree. Debra puts several bullets in him but realizes he's wearing a bulletproof vest and aims for his legs. She then tackles him when he is injured and arrests him with assistance with Quinn.

Detective Joseph "Joey" Quinn - Went there off-duty going to the bathroom, preparing himself to propose to Deb when he hears shots. When he comes out Deb is on top of the shooter and helps in arresting him.

History Leading up to the Shooting

At an unknown point the shooter worked at the restaurant for an unknown number of years and was eventually fired from the restaurant for unknown reasons. He decided to put on a bullet proof vest purchase two guns and take out as many people as possible at the restaurant. At the time Deb and Quinn were at the restaurant having drinks right before the shooting occurred and Quinn left to go to the bathroom. During that time the shooter entered, killed two people, and tried to kill Deb but was wounded and subsequently arrested for the murders.


Manager - The manager of the restaurant who was shot point blank by the shooter as revenge for firing him.

One unnamed patron was killed when the shooter turned his guns around to kill more people.

Acclaim from Shooting

After the shooting, videos and pictures of the shooting go viral and project Debra as a hero which catches the eye of Deputy Chief Matthews. As a reward for stopping this shooter before he took even more lives Debra is promoted to Lieutenant of the Homicide Department. It should be noted that this is the complete opposite of the Club Mayan Shooting where Deb was portrayed as the one who caused the shooting and this time the perp is taken alive.

Fate of Killer(s)

The killer was injured during the firefight but was put under arrest and charged with two counts of murder in the first degree.