Restaurant Shooter
Restaurant Shooter
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Eric Normington
First Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Last Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Full Name
Restaurant Shooter


Personal Status
Professional Status
Former waiter
Killer Profile
"Restaurant Shooter"
Number of Victims
Modus Operandi
Two handguns
Killing Method
Rapid spraying of bullets to take out as many people as possible while wearing kevlar to protect him from stray bullets
Method of Disposal
The shooter felt intense anger toward the restaurant and it's manager for taking his job away from him so he went out to kill everyone there

The Restaurant Shooter is an unnamed character in DEXTER. He was a former waiter who was fired from his job and turned into a spree shooter at the restaurant where he worked at.

Early Life

He used to work for a restaurant waiting tables until the manager fired him for unknown reasons. After this he became so enraged he bought two handguns and a kevlar vest in preparation to go back to the restaurant to have his revenge.


Season Six

While off-duty Detectives Debra Morgan and Joey Quinn stopped by at his former place of employment where Joey is planning to propose to Debra. He goes into the bathroom to better prepare himself when the shooter walks in and shoots and kills the manger in the middle of the restaurant. Debra yells for everyone to get down and draws her weapon. Her and the shooter exchange bullets and Debra puts a few in his chest, but realizes he's wearing kevlar. In the midst of the shooting, he kills a patron and Debra aims for his legs and he drops down to his knees. She then tackles him and arrests him with the help of Joey while the patrons capture the incident on film and show it online to the world. After this she is portrayed as a hero and the shooter is incarcerated for his crimes and heals from his wounds.


  • Unnamed manager
  • Unnamed patron

Attempted Victims