The Refrigerated Truck is an object and vehicle in DEXTER. The vehicle was used by Brian Moser to deliver the bodies of prostitutes around Miami from location to location while keeping their bodies cold. The truck is later taken apart by the Miami Metro Police Department and most likely remains in some form of evidence storage.

Officer Debra Morgan catches on to the idea mentioned by the coroner regarding "cell crystallization" in the neck of the headless Fountain Victim. After bouncing the idea off of her brother Dexter Morgan, they determine the possibility of a "Refrigerated Truck" as the mobile way to keep the victims in storage.


Dexter encounters this truck after claiming the life of Jamie Jaworski and follows it to a dead end. The driver turns around and while flashing his high beams, tosses the head of the previous victim to where it smacks against the windshield of Dexter's car and he drives off. The next day the truck is found public with the refrigeration compartment has been left on. When Miami Metro Homicide arrives they open the back door and look inside, finding an ice block with the fingertips of one hand frozen neatly in the middle (each colored a different color).


The last appearance of the truck.

The truck is later taken apart, part by part though Dexter and Debra comment that despite their efforts this guy is too careful and he probably didn't leave a single fiber that could be traced to him within the vehicle. Because of the discovery regarding this truck, the killer is aptly dubbed the Ice Truck Killer (or ITK for short) though the remaining corpses after are stored in a built-in freezer located within Brian Moser's apartment.

Other Information

The Truck originally belonged to a company named Miami Chills Ice Refrigerated Delivery, before Brian Moser stole it for his use in Miami. The Truck's original purpose was to deliver Cubed Ice to locations as per the company's contract.