Professor Wilkins
Character Profile
First Appearance
Dexter in the Dark
Last Appearance
Dexter in the Dark
Full Name
Jerry Wilkins
The Watcher
Manner of Death
Shot by Dexter Morgan
Personal Status
Professional Status
College Professor
Killer Profile
"The Watcher"
Number of Victims
At least 8 (indirectly)
Modus Operandi
Moloch altar
Killing Method
Burned them alive.
Method of Disposal
Left in the public place.
Posessed by Moloch, whom he worships.

Professor Wilkins is a characher in Dexter in the Dark. He is one of the antagonists and a member of Cult of Moloch.


Professor Wilkins first seen as he's greets Dexter and Deborah Morgan, while they're searching for an another college professor, Jerry Halpern. He leads the to Halpern, who quickly becomes main suspect but later turns out as a suspect himself.

He easily escapes police surveillance at least once and it is possible that he used the gap to dispose of the body of Kurt Wagner (who was killed either by him, or another cult member, Darius Starzak).

During novel's climax, when Dexter infiltates Cult of Moloch hideout, he shoots Wilkins and Starzak dead with a gun he had stolen from one of the guards.


While he's never seen killing anyone directly in the novel, he was an accomplice to at least 8 murders and also, quite possible, directly killed Kurt Wagner (though it may have been done by Darius Starzak).

Attempted victims