Pool Victim (Ice Truck Killer)
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Pool Victim

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Killed by Brian Moser.

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The Pool Victim is a character in DEXTER as well as the Dexter Book Series. The Pool Victim is an unidentified woman who was the first targeted kill of the Ice Truck Killer in Miami. She was left cut into multiple, drained pieces inside of an empty pool with portions of her body wrapped up, the location being the Seven Seas Motel which is frequented by hookers and within Debra Morgan's district as a Vice undercover-Officer. Debra also mentions Ice Truck Killer Victims 1 and 2 from Broward, who were killed within the last 5 months but informs Dexter that she wants to catch the killer before he takes out another one of her girls.

The body itself is being examined by Detective Angel Batista and Forensic specialist Vince Masuka. When Dexter arrives, Vince explains that there's no blood in or outside of the body, anywhere and this fascinates Dexter Morgan as they unveil the body. The body is cut into 20 pieces (4 pieces one leg, 3 other, 4 pieces for both arms, 4 for the Torso and a Head) with the foot being separated at the ankle on both legs but only the right leg separates at the knee, then midway up the thigh. The left leg is cut in a similar fashion however on the final cut of the leg, at mid-thigh he stops as if interrupted. Each of the arms are cut into 4 pieces like the right leg and the Torso, for the most part, appears to be whole. The head is left to the side. Interesting of note is that the entire right arm is wrapped in brown paper, as well as the entire torso. The left arm is done the same way except the hand is left uncovered and the left foot is mostly wrapped up with the toes exposed.

The identity of this victim is never revealed, it is assumed she (as well as the Bower victims) are one of several named victims provided on buckets at Brian Moser's residence.

Other appearances

Dexter: The Game

Motel victim
The Pool victim and other scenes from Episode 101 are depicted on the second chapter of the video game. Dexter is called by Debra to the crime scene. There he founds the victim and is astonished by the discovery and by the scenery, mainly the fact the victim has no blood in or out her body.

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