Peter Latton
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Christopher Frontiero
First Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Last Appearance
Those Kinds of Things
Full Name
Peter Latton


Late 20s
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Former lab intern

Peter Latton is a character in DEXTER. One of several students from the University seeking an intern position under Vince Masuka, he receives the highest test scores and appears on scene for his first dead body. However, after snakes begin pouring out of a hole Dexter cuts in the stitching of the corpse, Peter faints and finds himself replaced by fellow student Ryan Chambers.


Peter is a tall, large man with curly brown hair and a thick beard. He wears basic corporate casual clothing with a lab coat when at the forensics department and then a pair of dress pants with a flannel shirt at crime scenes.


Peter appears to be a shy, quiet individual. When approached by Debra Morgan who nearly bumps into him, she asks who he is and why he's in her way...he responds politely by introducing himself yet sounds nervous. This could just be intimidation from a superior in a department he's looking to get into, or the fact that it's Debra Morgan after all. He apparently is very bright, scoring the highest on Masuka's test to see who could become his intern...though his observations at the crime scenes are less than amazing when the best he comes up with is "Well...he's dead". Unfortunately, he also has a weak stomach...finding himself fainting a little after snakes start pouring out of a body's corpse.


Peter attends the University that Vince Masuka teaches a Forensics studies class at. He arrives alongside several other students including Ryan Chambers to tour the Miami Metro Police Department in order to get a feel for the field work they're pursuing. As they arrive in the Homicide Department, he nearly bumps into Debra Morgan who asks who he is and why he's in her way. Nervously, he replies with his name and mentions his purpose as visiting under the watchful eye of "Professor Masuka".

He later appears yet again aside the other students outside the crime scene for Omar Rivera's fruit stand. As Masuka preaches over who can become his coveted intern, it seems as if Peter takes notice of Masuka's fascination in Ryan...standing there with a look as if he feels he won't receive the position due to the attractiveness of his classmate. However, he does end up landing the position and is seen again at the next crime scene where Omar's body is situated. He is shown working the scene, snapping photographs as the others arrive. His declaration that clearly the victim is dead is less than impressive to Debra and Masuka's teammates, and he proceeds to stand off as they examine the body. When snakes begin pouring out of an opening in the stitching made by Dexter, he steps back holding his mouth as if ready to throw up. Soon thereafter he faints and according to Masuka's following quote, he is replaced by Ryan: "Goodbye Big Guy...Hello Runner-Up, little Miss Hottie!"