Oscar Sota is one of Dexter Morgan's many victims. He is first revealed during the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation by FBI Agent Frank Lundy, as he does a run through of victims without a criminal record. As he approaches Sota, he holds his speech for a bit as he reaches the bag and eventually undoes it, revealing a younger man with long black hair. The sight of him bothers Angel Batista, who begins to ask what his story was.

Lundy goes on to say that Sota was a Naval Engineer for the Port of Miami, member of the Stuartship Council Saint Tarceecee Catholic Church...that he was married, loved and respected. But he was found in a bag, under the sea with thirteen other killers. Angel agrees to speak to his wife, Mrs. Sota, but all does not go well in the interrogation after Angel discovers that the rest of the Butcher's victims have all been confirmed as murderers. For Angel was disturbed by the graphic nature of what Dexter had done to his victims, and had used the fact that they had "deserved it" because they were murderers as a comfort, and as a result, he crossed a line in his interrogation with Mrs. Sota when he bluntly tells her they believe her late husband she had loved had been a murderer who had died for what he had done, and started flippantly demanding that she think about who he could have killed. She furiously leaves and Debra and Lundy, overhearing this conversation, angrily chasten Angel for his total disregard for the widow's feelings.

Batista arrives once more at her house, apologizing for how he acted...and ultimately finds out what Oscar's story truly was. His wife admits that he had kept guns hidden inside of their walls before, presumably, admitting that he had used them for murder. But who he killed, why he killed them, and how Dexter discovered that this married, loved and respected man was actually a murderer is never revealed.