Officer Gerard
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Scott MacDonald
Season One
First Appearance
Love American Style
Last Appearance
Love American Style
Full Name
Officer Gerard



Personal Status
Professional Status
Police Officer with Miami Metro Police Department

Officer Gerard is a character in DEXTER. He is a Police Officer within the Miami Metro Police Department who meets with Dexter Morgan regarding the disappearance of a man named Ernesto Rodriguez, who happened to be Yelina's fiancee. Yelina is a maid working at the hotel where Rita Bennett also works, so Dexter sees if he can help out any way he can by contacting his cop friend Gerard. Gerard aids him with some info, eventually turning up a Jorge Castillo. Dexter does some more investigation into Castillo and finds out that he's a refugee smuggler and murders those that can't afford to pay him. His wife, Valerie Castillo, also aids in this endeavor...a fact that Dexter doesn't find out until he captures both of them and ends their lives. Regardless, poor Ernesto washes up on shore dead and Dexter is contacted about this misfortune by Officer Gerard, allowing Yelina to identify him at the morgue.