Character Profile
Portrayed By
Scott Michael Campbell
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Full Name
Shady Norm
Manner of Death
Stabbed in the stomach by Dexter Morgan
41 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Professional Status
Motel owner, drug dealer

Norm was a character in Season Six. He owns a motel, which Dexter Morgan and the illusion of his brother, Brian Moser stop at.


Norm offers to fix the flat tire on Dexter's car, and tells him to go to town if he wants to. Dexter, under Brian's persuasion, takes a shortcut through Norm's field, finding marijuana plants.

Later, when Dexter goes to investigate Jonah Mitchell's house, he discovers that his tools and his forensics kit are missing. However, he checks the house anyways, and then goes back to get his knives from Norm, so he can set up a kill room. There, Norm comments that he could sell the knives back to Dexter, for 10,000 dollars, but Dexter tells him he will give him money, but demands to take his knives. Norm, thinking their value is monetary, pulls a gun out (one that Dexter had stolen from a clerk earlier in the episode), and holds it on Dexter, demanding the money. As Norm holds the gun on him, Dexter imagines Brian grabbing a nearby pitchfork, and stabbing Norm in the stomach with it.

However, the camera pans, showing that Dexter actually stabbed Norm with the pitchfork. He then removes the pitchfork, and watches as the life leaves Norm's eyes. After that, Brian asks Dexter why he wakes his victims up before killing them, and Dexter tells Brian it's so he can show them what they did. But Brian dismisses that, telling him it's because he wants to watch the life leave their eyes.

Dexter ponders how he can dispose of Norm. Brian comments that he could just leave him out, but Dexter says he has "a better idea". He then throws him into a corn silo, watching as his body sinks under the corn. Brian says, "Hope you took a souvenir", and then Dexter seals the silo and leaves.


At first he appears to be a good, but somewhat annoying guy. As he offered to fix Dexter's tire but his small talk, as according to Brian, "could turn anyone into a homicidal maniac".

Later he shows a more paranoid personality, believing Dexter is somewhat affiliated with ATF and believes he will have him arrested for the illegal pot plants he is hiding in the fields.

He also is greedy, trying to extort $10,000 from Dexter for his tools back, believing he was rich due to his car.


  • His name and character is most likely a reference to the Alfred Hitcock movie, Psycho.
  • In the scene where he is killed, Dexter and Brian are standing in front a painting of an old farmhouse. In the shot they resemble the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood.