Nina Batista
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Angela Alvarado
First Appearance
Let's Give the Boy a Hand
Last Appearance
Truth Be Told
Full Name
Nina Batista

Personal Status
Marital Status
Angel Batista (divorced)
Immediate Relatives
Angel Batista (husband; divorced)
Auri Batista (daughter)

Nina Batista is a character in DEXTER. She is the ex-wife of Sergeant Angel Batista and the mother of Auri Batista.



She has brown hair and frequently had a sad or angry expression on her face. She has a little resemblance of Maria Laguerta, which indicates Angel Batista has a certain taste for Cuban and Latino women.


Before the beginning of the series she was married to Angel Batista and had a daughter with him named Auri. At an unknown point Angel cheated on her and confessed immediately afterwards out of guilt. She wanted him to leave and they ended up separated.

Season OneEdit

Nina was furious with Angel, as he talked to his work colleague like they were still married and everyone was under the illusion that they were. He bought her an anniversary gift in the hopes that she would forgive him. It didn't work, but she did allow him to see Auri before he went, demonstrating that she is not vindictive over what happened, just hurt. Later when Angel got a raise at work and went with Dexter to celebrate, Dexter brought Angel home thinking that they were still together and dropped him on the couch. Nina came in asking Dexter what they were doing at his house and Dexter explained about the raise. Nina told Dexter that Angel was not living with them anymore and Dexter took Angel and left. Later when Angel got stabbed Nina and Auri went to the hospital for support and later comforted him when he woke up. Angel tried to get her to forgive him, she explains that she does forgive him and holds no bitterness over what happened. However, she states that while they were married, they lived a life of unhappiness and that a divorce was inevitable. They subsequently divorce and she attains most of Auri's custody rights and lets Angel see her from time to time.

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