Character Profile
Portrayed By
Katia Winter
Season Seven
First Appearance
Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
Last Appearance
The Dark... Whatever
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Nadezhda (or simply Nadia) is a character on DEXTER. She worked for George Novikov in the Foxhole as a stripper and part of the business that was run by George Novikov and the Koshka Brotherhood.


Season Seven

Nadia is first seen in the Foxhole being questioned by Detective Joey Quinn over Mike Anderson's death and offers her a drink later on to question further. She is later questioned by George and Isaac who tells her to get close to Quinn and learn of the investigation. However, this backfires as Nadia proves to be a very honest person with Quinn and tells him everything admitting it is cause she likes him. The two agree to keep this with themselves and develop a relation with each other.

When George uses Quinn's relationship with Nadia to blackmail him with money, Nadia is surprised hoping the "dirty cop" bid was a joke and tells him to give up the money stating it's no good if he's dead and that he is dealing with dangerous men. Quinn realizes she's right and returns George's money. George later visits him at a restaurant and threatens to deport Nadia if Quinn doesn't do as he says. Quinn reluctantly agrees in exchange for Nadia's passport. Nadia is later visited by Quinn happy that she's safe and promises to help her, but Nadia is scared knowing Quinn did something with the Brotherhood. George later reveals he lied about getting her passport and plans on using Quinn as much as he can.

As Quinn refuses to listen to George anymore, George forces Nadia to have sex with him, causing Quinn to question Nadia what happened and Quinn angrily gives George a well deserved beating while giving him his "notice" and takes Nadia out of the club. Later, George forces Nadia to his office and calls Quinn and pulls a gun on the two of them. He demands Nadia say who owns her, prompting her to smack him in the face and he does so back and she falls to the ground. Quinn says he will shoot him if he does it again, but George doesn't believe him and continues to hit Nadia more and Quinn kills him prompting Quinn to make it look like a struggle and has Nadia shoot him in the arm and she does so reluctantly. Angel arrives on scene and as Quinn says she can't be a witness due to her being here illegally and the Brotherhood will kill her, she takes some money and her passport and apologizes to Quinn for everything and leaves thanking him for everything.

After Quinn wonders where she went, he discovers she went to Vegas and her stripper friend reveals she left a message for him saying she's grateful for everything and will never forget him, but needs to start her life over, which seems to have left Quinn hurt by her departure.