A Murderer is an individual who commits the act of killing another human being without the consent of the law via a badge or permission of execution. The act itself is referred to as Murder, which involves any number of ways to kill a person.

Murderers are considered separate from serial killers as their kills are never consistent with a pattern and are usually driven by an emotion to rid someone from their lives. Other murderers include contract killers (also known as "Hit men" or "Assassins") that kill for the purpose of money or political gain and mass murderers that kill four or more people in the same location and time. A Lawful Killer is not a murderer (by law) as they are subject to the act as part of their duties in their position. This includes police officers and executioners for the state.

Each episode of DEXTER usually involves Dexter Morgan tracking a Serial killer or Murderer to satisfy his Dark Passenger. In addition, a common theme is that either a Serial Killer or a Murderer is the Main Antagonist for each Season.

Known Murderers

Known Double Murderers

Known Triple Murderers

Known Mass Murderers

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