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Murder: (Matricide · Infanticide
 · Patricide · Hericide)

Murder is the act of killing someone based on personal motivation or professionally for money or political gain. Someone who commits the act is considered a Murderer and individuals who continue to commit the act as part of either a psychological disorder or desire are called Serial killers.

The act itself is any numerous method of ending a human being's life and is not justified within the confines of law. Due to the large-scale possibilities of killing a person, there are countless ways to commit murder and can range from simply shooting or stabbing a victim to burying them alive or constructing an elaborate form of Torture that results in their death (either from a killing blow or the result of extended methods that can cause blood loss or other defects).

Murder is a concept that is used extensively within DEXTER as the psychological "need" for Dexter Morgan to please his "Dark Passenger". Many other characters within the series have also committed murder and many of these individuals act as the Antagonists for an episode or the entire season.

Known Methods of MurderEdit

  • Puncture to the Heart by Stabbing - Common method used by Dexter Morgan, usually involves a Ritual where the victim is constricted to a table by plastic wrap and then stabbed with a sharp object (usually some form of blade such as a knife) in the chest. Dexter's choice on how to apply the knife depends on his mood, some victims he stabs violently while others are quick and easy. In one such case, Little Chino is stabbed surprisingly slowly with the knife (having it pushed slowly into his chest). Regardless, the victims are killed within seconds after having their heart punctured.
  • Decapitation - Another method used by Dexter, this usually involves use of a Cleaver or other sharp blade that is capable of the act. Death is instant. Most victims are not killed by decapitation but are rendered of their head following their deaths (as part of the cleanup process in getting rid of the body).
  • Neck sawed by a Power Saw - A method used on occasion, a power saw is equipped that is used to saw out one side of the neck until about the center and then the saw is removed to saw from the other side of the neck. It appears that Dexter Morgan does not physically decapitate his victims with this method but it can be considered one of the more painful ways that he kills someone (usually reserved for the most demented of his victims).
  • Neck slit by a sharp blade - A method used to bleed out the victim by slashing the throat with a razor or other sharp blade. Not a common method used by Dexter Morgan but usually reserved for situations that he either deems fitting or needed based on circumstances (such as Brian Moser to look like a Suicide, or Jamie Jaworski in Darkly Dreaming Dexter, where Dexter killed the latter using this method out of desperation before escaping from been spotted).
  • Strangulation - The act applying extreme force to the neck resulting in constriction of the air pathways and an internal suffocation of the victim. Depending on the force, the victim may in fact die from damage to their neck. Considered a very personal method of murder for someone, allowing them to "choke the life" out of their victims. Usually related to rage.
  • Suffocation - The act of smothering the airways to a victim resulting in their death. Not a common method but used based on circumstances.
  • Drowning - The act of forcing an individual under water until their lungs are filled and they are no longer able to breathe due to suffocation.
  • Gunshot - The act of shooting an individual resulting in their death. The death has to be caused by the bullet, such as a shot to the heart or the brain.
  • Blood loss as result of gunshot - If the victim is shot in an organ that does not result in their instant death, they will bleed out shortly thereafter.
  • Blood loss as result of stabbing - If the victim is stabbed anywhere in the body that does not result in an instant death and it is in an area that can concentrate a large amount of blood flow, they will possibility die from this injury. This is not a common method use by Dexter, and has mostly made use of it on direct confrontations such as the instance in which he stabbed Andrew Briggs.
  • Blood loss as result of cut artery - Different from a stabbing, if the victim has part of their body slit by a blade that results in massive blood loss they can die within seconds. This is the common method used by Arthur Mitchell on the Bath Tub Victims.
  • Breaking of the Neck - The act of moving behind or in front of a victim, forcing their head to move violently in a direction with enough force to snap the neck (which results in their death due to the spinal column taking damage). Considered a fast method for dealing with a victim based on time constraint, rarely used by Dexter unless he needs to get something done quickly.
  • Incineration - The act of using fire or causing fires to burn the victims alive. A serial killer who uses fire to kill his or her victims is called an arsonist. Known arsonists include Gene Marshall, the Phantom Arsonist and Lila West.

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