The Morton Murder Case is a police investigation into the death of college valedictorian in her own house.


Albert Chung - Was suspected of committing the murder based on Vince's observation of wearing socks to the crime scene that fits the MO of a previous break-in where Albert pushed an old lady down a flight of stairs in his socks.

History of Killers

Albert was a petty burglar who broke into peoples' homes by jimmying the locks with a screwdriver. In one break-in an old lady woke up during the robbery and Albert pushed her down a flight of stairs. Albert was arrested for the assault but was let go when the old woman identified the wrong man in a line-up. Six months after this he breaks in the Morton home and things go bad where he kills her by stabbing her in the neck.

Detectives on Case

  • Detective-Sergeant Angel Batista - Ran point on the investigation on who killed her and eventually reached the conclusion that Albert did it based on Vince's observation.

Other operatives involved in the case.

  • Forensics Specialist Vince Masuka - Worked on the case and was the one to point out that it was "fucking Albert Chung" based on his prior robbery where he wore socks.
  • Forensics Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Worked on the crime scene since there was a lot of blood at the scene. Eventually determines from the blood that she was stabbed and the perp cut his foot at some point and from the pattern of blood that he was wearing socks at the time.
  • Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta - Played the part of mediator between ADA Miguel Prado and Defense Attorney Ellen Wolf in discussing Albert Chung's surrender.
  • Senior Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado - Was the district attorney working the case trying to get Albert Chung behind bars.


Lisa Morton - A twenty-year-old girl going to college and living with her parents. When she stumbles upon Albert and tries to attack him with a hockey stick but is herself stabbed in the neck with his screwdriver.

Closure of Case

The case has been officially closed because the killer has been identified and there is no reason to keep the case open.

Fate of Killer(s)

Albert Chung was arrested for the murder outside his lawyer's office and presumably incarcerated for the murder.