Character Profile
Portrayed By
Tomiko Martinez
First Appearance
Seeing Red
Last Appearance
Truth Be Told
Full Name
Manner of Death
Killed by Brian Moser
20s to early 30s
Personal Status
Professional Status
Call Girl

Monique is a character in DEXTER. She is a former prostitute with a unique feature; she has only one hand and has a white, prosthetic arm with multi-colored fingernails. She lays claim that she gave up prostitution to work a in normal, legitimate "call-girl" service but met with Brian Moser in her previous occupation.


Monique is a young, attractive Latina woman with long black hair and quite a bit of makeup. Her most unique feature is the prosthetic arm she wears in place of her left hand, which has each nail painted a different color. She claims this is what one of her previous Johns did in an encounter, while in roleplay he worshiped the hand and painted each of the nails, she decided she liked it and kept with the pattern after that point.


Monique is a woman with a fast-talking, yet considerate attitude. She claims to have left her job as a prostitute, but later turns up answering a call regardless so it's likely she never left the position and only lied to the police to keep herself out of jail. She has admiration for the trick she met who painted her nails, despite him being rough at one point his tune changed when he discovered she was an amputee and instead treated her with a fascinated, kinky interest. She took a liking to the nail color painted on the prosthetic hand and continued to paint it as such, continuing to remark her trick as sexy despite being a little bit freaky. When she later encounters him, she is surprised yet glad to see him once more showing a profound attraction to his mystery and even after he gets a little violent, she appears to be a bit forgiving. That is until her life is in danger and she begins begging for her life, crying hysterically while begging to live.

Early Life

Not much is known about her early life or even how she lost her hand, it is assumed she grew up with a rough life style and to support herself financially she began selling her body. At some point she lost her hand and replaced it with a prosthetic. A year before the Ice Truck Killings she met with a mysterious man who was first very violent with her for a trick but once he learned she was a prosthetic, he became much more gentle. He asked her to remove it and seemed to worship the object for some reason. Little did she realize this was actually Brian Moser, the man who would later become the Ice Truck Killer and the reason he allowed her to live now was due to her "imperfection".


Monique appears near the end of Season One.

Season One

2013-09-14 1502

Monique's body parts, wrapped up for Christmas.

Visiting a club while recovering from his divorce, Angel sees Monique dance with another man. He recognizes the way the fingernails on her fake hand are painted in different colors from the doll hand left behind by the Ice Truck Killer, eventually getting her to explain that a 'John' she met got all rough with her until he saw the prosthetic hand, which turned him on. He then took it off, began treating it as if it were sacred and painted all its nails with different colors. Monique liked what he did and so continued doing it.

On Vince Masuka's adv
2013-09-14 1512

Merry Christmas Miami.

ice, Angel talks to Rudy Cooper about any clients of his, that may have had an amputee fetish, in order to bring him close to catching the Ice Truck Killer. Rudy later stabs Angel and kills Monique, in order to distract the police. He wraps her up and leaves her body parts at a Christmas store. After Masuka finds out that Monique was an amputee, the connection is made to the Ice Truck Killer and Batista's attacker, leading the police to Rudy, whom Angel later identifies as Brian Moser.