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Migdia LaGuerta
Character Profile
First Appearance
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Last Appearance
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Full Name
Migdia LaGuerta

Manner of Death
Killed by Brian Moser
Personal Status
Professional Status
Lieutenant of Miami Metro Police, Homicide divsion

Migdia LaGuerta (spelled "Maria" for her television counterpart) is a Character in the Dexter Book Series.

In Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Migdia is a detective in the Miami Dade police department, working among others alongside Sergeant Albert Doakes, Officer Deborah Morgan, Captain Matthews and Dexter Morgan.


At the beginning of the novel she is described as an incompetent police officer, thanking her rank as a homicide detective only to her skill at playing politics and kissing ass, a winning combination in Miami law enforcement according to Dexter.

She's supposedly a good looking woman of Cuban origin, who dresses fashionable.


Deborah Morgan

Migdia and Deborah have a deep loathing for one another, apparent from the very beginning of the novel. While Migdia is quite obviously the inferior police officer, she condescends to Deborah every chance she gets and constantly beheads her.

Dexter Morgan

At the beginning of the novel, Migdia seems to have a romantic or sexual interest in Dexter. After Dexter manipulates her with information on the Jaworski case and he spurns her advances, she turns into a bitter adversary.

Captain Matthews

Although it is never mentioned in the novel, one can assume it was Captain Matthews who originally promoted LaGuerta to the rank of Detective, insinuating a certain amount of respect for her capabilities. Later in the novel, when she allows reporters at a crime scene, he berates her and threatens her with demotion.


She starts out as a protagonist investigating a crime scene from the Tamiami Butcher, where she immediately botches the investigation by intimidating a potential witness and misinterpreting evidence, setting the pace for a long list of failures throughout the rest of the novel.

Her romantic interest in Dexter is apparent during the first three quarters of the novel, but after being spurned by a confused Dexter, she becomes an antagonist, secondary to the Tamiami Butcher.

She ultimately follows Dexter to the storage container where the Butcher captured Deborah with the purpose of letting Dexter kill here, severing his bond with his adoptive family and the Code of Harry. LaGuerta contemplates shooting the Butcher, Dexter and Deborah, but is surprised and stabbed to death by an incredibly fast moving Butcher.