Mario Astorga
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Jerry Zatarain Jr.
First Appearance
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Last Appearance
About Last Night
Full Name
Mario Astorga


20s to 30s
Personal Status
Marital Status
Unnamed wife
Immediate Relatives
Unnamed son
Unnamed sister
Professional Status
Tree trimmer
George King's tree trimming company

Mario Astorga is a character on DEXTER. He was a tree trimmer who worked for George King.


He originally lived in Nicaragua with George King and at some point grew very scared of him (which could do based on King's military training and reputation as a torturer). He eventually settled down with an unnamed woman and lived together for sometime. He eventually was forced to leave when he stabbed a taxi driver for touching his sister. He flees with his wife and eventually have a son with her in America.

Season 3Edit

He eventually got a job working for Mr. King as a tree trimmer and couldn't leave for his fear of him. During his time working in Miami he came upon the second body of the Skinner, unaware that it was George King at the time and reported it to the police. His name later pops up when Deb and Quinn start investigating tree trimmers and George King lies about him killing a man back in Nicaragua and the police decide to question him. He tries to flee from police but is caught and taken back to the station for questioning. He remains belligerent during the interrogation but remains concerned for his family. After he finds out that his boss suggested that they talk to him he panics and begs them to send him back to Nicaragua. The police eventually trick him into revealing information on George King's whereabouts, by making it seem as though King was targeting him next.

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