Mar Dorado is,
as stated by Dexter and Steve Gonzalez, a private resort, and a somewhat private island for the clients and members of the New Hope Foundation, were after completing their rehabilitation program on the New Hope Foundation, they can head to Mar Dorado and help there while also enjoying the pleasures of the resort. After some time, the involved can return to their homes with enough money to start a new life, with new hope.

According to Steve Gonzalez, Mar Dorado is an entire island dedicated to Family pleasure for the members of his organization.


Issue #5Edit

After Dexter is tazzed by Steve Gonzalez and left unconcious, he is taken to Mar Dorado for slave labor. The island is not what it seemed. 
Workers mar dorado

Workers at Mar Dorado

Mar dorado real face

The real face of Mar Dorado.

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