New to Wikia or just the Dexter Wiki in general? Then you've come to the right place. This page will help you learn how to edit, create pages and overall just get around on the Wiki. This will also cover the guidelines in how to create and edit pages.

Where to BeginEdit

So you just came to our Wiki and observed this page, you're probably wondering "how do I get around?". Well it's quite simple really.


How to get around the Wiki. Well here you go!

Toolbar at the Top and BottomEdit

At the very top of every page on this Wiki is the Wikia Toolbar. Featured on this toolbar are a variety of options...such as clicking the "Wikia" logo (thus bringing you to the Wikia main page), the Start a Wiki button which allows you to make a Wiki on whatever you desire, the Entertainment drop-down menu, the Gaming Dropdown Menu and the lifestyle dropdown menu. Simply scrolling over any of these menus will bring up a list of other Wikis that are popular at the time.

To the right is the Log In option (or if you already are logged in, the username dropdown menu and Log Out options). By hovering over your username, a dropdown menu that has the option for Talk (your talk page), an option for Followed Pages (pages that you edit and chose the option to follow), Preferences (to select a variety of different options at your disposal) and the Help menu (which will give you more information on how to work with a Wiki).

Just below this toolbar is a clickable link for the "Dexter Wiki", which will always take you to the main page. To the right is the Random Page option (selects any random article for you to read), the Popular Pages dropdown menu (which lets you see the Most Visited or Newly Changed pages), the New Pictures option (for any newly uploaded pictures) and the recent blogs option (to see any newly posted blogs). An additional random page button is placed right of this and then the "Wiki Activity" button (the most important button on this allows you to see any recent edits as well as keep track of various other information).

The bottom of the page has everything you need to know about Wikia, not so much the Dexter Wiki.

Finding PagesEdit

If you're looking for a particular character or episode, simply use the search function located in the top righthand area of the page. Enter the name of what you're looking for. Now chances are, as you enter say..."Dexter", you'll get multiple choices from a dropdown menu. Since Dexter is a commonly used term, this can stand for anything from the novels to the series or just the character'll want to know how to navigate.

Typically, if you want to find a character, a second name will appear just behind that character's name. For example, Dexter Morgan will appear as you type Dexter...this is the character page you'd be looking for. Alternatively, certain characters share the same name as another. Example being Carlos Guerrero and Carlos Fuentes. Naturally, if you're new to the series, you won't know who is who just yet...but simply clicking on either name will introduce you to that character.

If you're interested in other aspects of the series, just enter a word into the search list and press enter. Typically a menu will show up with whatever word you entered being in "red" somewhere in the results. For example, if there isn't a page on a character just yet but they've been mentioned somewhere in an article, you'll get a result with that name being in red somewhere in the article. Or say that you only know the last name of a character, like Prado. You'll get results for Oscar, Miguel and Ramon all with Prado in red on each result.

Alternatively, you can use the Random Page button near the top of the page to find any number of random pages. In addition, on each article page there's a "Find More Info" section at the very bottom showing off more character pages that are related to it so you can further explore the wiki.

We are currently working on creating a new menu, such as the one that existed on the previous coding for "Monaco". Before the change to the New Look, we had a well-balanced menu on the left side of a template meant to help you navigate characters and such.

Navigating the Main PageEdit

When you first visit our wiki (and how you actually reached this page), you'll notice a red box with white text in it featuring several of our popular pages as well as our policies. Check out each of the policies to learn more about how we do things here and check the featured pages there for major and important information.

Just below this box is a list of 8 (currently, I'll change it a bit... this is User:TVthePunisher by the way, hey =D) main characters in the series. Just simply click on these character's pictures to be brought to their respective pages...but be forewarned, if their box is "red" that means the character is DECEASED as of some point in the storyline.

The next section after this is the Featured Article. Currently the article is that of the Ice Truck Killer however that will change with time. Monthly the featured article will change, based on decision from several members of the site. This is an article that fits the requirements set in the Page Guidelines and is fairly informative, one of the best we have. There is a short description plus a "Read More" option which will take you to the article itself.

The section after this is the Featured Episode. Currently the episode set is Episode 201: It's Alive!, but that is bound to change in much the same format as the featured article. There is a short description plus a "Read More" option which will take you to the article itself (for the episode).

The next section is a little about the Wiki itself, including news. The section after that is for the Dexter Intro, thus allowing you to view the intro sequence at the start of every episode to date (except the first one).

On the right, starting from the top is a picture informing you about our Dexter Achievement Awards. These awards come in the form of pictures that are displayed on your profile after meeting a certain requirement. In order to obtain these awards, you must meet the requirements and then request it via the Sign Up Page. This may change where I will personally keep track of user's edits and add them in myself with time.

Just below that section is the most recent blogs, allowing you to see what users have written in the form of descriptive paragraphs in a separate section on the site. So far I'm the only one writing blogs at the moment and most have to do with site updates and such. You can create your own by selecting the option just above that that says "Add New Blog". At the moment, it is slightly obscured by the "Dexter Achievement Awards" logo but that will be fixed soon enough.

At the very bottom of this site of the page is the Random Image. This image is generated any time you visit the page and will also appear in the Wiki Activity menu provided that you make an edit to the main page.

Navigating ArticlesEdit

Character articles are built in an Introductary, Appearance, Personality and Plot section format. Additional sections are added as needed, but it should be noted that there is an infobox for just about every character in this series. Infoboxes contain crucial information (as well as a picture) for the character, from their first and last appearances, to age, to actor/actress portrayel...why theydied and their occupations. Additional information may be added to each character infobox.

Currently no additional images aside from maybe another image for "Appearance", so the page won't be cluttered with images.

There is Table of Contents for every page that has at least 4 sections to it and this will help you navigate by simply clicking on each section (alternatively, you can choose to hide Contents menus).

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