The Main Offices of Miami Metro Homicide is a Location in DEXTER. The office acts as the central hub of almost all the events in the series and is where a majority of the major detectives have their desks. Of note, every Main Antagonist has stepped into this area for the series except for Travis Marshall.

It should be noted that this office was not used until Episode 102: Crocodile, the previous office had a different overall structure to it as did the Lieutenant's Office. This is common in television series during the "Pilot" episode, the sets change drastically after that point.


There are several desks featured within the Main Offices, overall most of which don't change positions. The only desk that changes is the desk of former Sergeant James Doakes, which turns to face the main area of the office after Detective Joey Quinn takes up residence in it.

Desk at the Left of Entrance


Mike sitting at his new desk

This iconic desk was a strong center of focus for a majority of the seasons, as the previous occupant Debra Morgan often conversed with multiple characters at this location from her brother Dexter Morgan to multiple witnesses. In 2011 during the events of Season Six, Debra is promoted from Detective to Lieutenant thus moving her into the Lieutenant's Office, leaving the desk vacant. As she handles choosing a new Detective for the department, Debra decides on a Chicago Transfer named Mike Anderson, who ultimately takes up residence in this desk.

This is one of few desks that actually features a Nameplate, originally stating "Ofcr. Debra Morgan" before becoming "Det. Debra Morgan". It is believed there is a nameplate for "Det. Mike Anderson" as well.

Desk Occupants

Current Occupant: Mike Anderson (2011-)

Mike moves into this desk following his completed transfer and acceptance as their new Detective. This season Mike has rarely been seen at the desk, as most of his screentime has had him at crime scenes or standing in the Investigation Room.

Previous Occupants: Debra Morgan (2006-2011)

Debra was originally an Officer in Miami Metro Vice, however her progress in the Ice Truck Killer Investigation earned her a promotion to Homicide. She was assigned to this desk, which had an unknown occupant before her arrival and she remained at this desk for years to come, often making huge discoveries here via evidence or witnesses.

Desk at the Right of Entrance

This desk overall hasn't seen any massive changes and is used primarily by Sergeant Lee. There is never a nameplate featured on this desk however the workload of paperwork is notable.

Desk Occupants

Current Occupant: Sergeant Lee (Unknown-)

Sergeant Lee is the only one shown to take up the primary occupancy of this desk, other Detectives would often sit at it but he is the one mostly seen within its vicinity so it is assumed that he is the one who it belongs to.

Desk near the Windows

This desk is the only one that has ever changed direction and it formerly belonged to Sergeant James Doakes until his death, then it was occupied by Detective Joey Quinn and has been since 2008.

Desk Occupants

Vertical Desk along Main Walkway

This desk has always been in the same position directly next to Angel Batista's Desk (the Horizontal Desk along Main Walkway). It has the most overall change in occupancy among any of the desks featured in the series. At one point it even featured a nameplate, the only indicator on what Detective Soderquist's first name was (Michael) but since then it has just seen a large change in who actually sits there. It is also the last known desk where Detective Robert Ramos occupied before he disappeared from the series (his character still exists within the Universe however the actor has not been seen since Season Four onward).

As a note, Dexter had his head slammed onto this desk by James Doakes resulting in his suspension.

Desk Occupants

Horizontal Desk along Main Dick

Also known as Angel Batista's Desk, this desk has not seen any change in occupancy since the beginning of the series. Angel has sat at this desk since Season One and has continued to do so even as Sergeant.

Forensics Area

Smaller Offices

There are several smaller offices situated within this area of homicide, most notably the Lieutenant's Office and Dexter's Office.

Surveillance Office


The office Deb was sitting in

The Recording Office is a relatively small office situated just behind Mike Anderson's (formerly Debra Morgan's) Desk where a television set up with a VCR (and presumably a DVD player) in order to review surveillance footage from crime scenes. There appears to be a large power box here as well, with the label "Miami Metro" at the top. Overall the room has been used less and less throughout the seasons, originally meant to be a small and crammed location as LaGuerta's "punishment" over Debra, as she always had a dislike for her.

The television is typically wheeled out of this small office now, usually hooked up directly to the security cameras located in the Interview Room.

Dexter's Office

Lieutenant's Office

Other Surrounding Rooms

Interview Room

Investigation Room

Kitchen Poop