Darkly Dreaming Dexter

  • Dexter Morgan: The series protagonist, this is his first appearance in the novels and the franchise overall.
  • Deborah Morgan: Adoptive sister of Dexter Morgan and biological daughter of Harry Morgan.
  • Harry Morgan
  • Father Donovan
  • Migdia LaGuerta
  • Angel Batista: Commonly referred to as Angel-no relation.
  • Jamie Jaworski
  • Bradley: Mentioned by Vince Masuoka, he is seemingly another member of the Miami-Dade Police Department.
  • Gervasio César Martez
  • Rose: She is a waitress at the Wolfie's Deli restaurant.
  • Alice
  • Rick Sangre: Reporter
  • Steban Rodriguez: He works at the arena, at some point he witnessed the Tamiami Slasher's crime scene on the hockey arena, he stated he did not want to see something like that again in his life.
  • Captain Moon: Broward County staff.
  • Detective McClellan: Broward County staff.
  • Tavio: He was a guard at the Marina near the shipping yard were Brian Moser had Deborah.

Dearly Devoted Dexter

  • Dexter Morgan
  • Deborah Morgan
  • Albert Doakes
  • Dr. Danco
  • Kyle
  • Rick Sangre
  • Dan Burdett
  • Officer Snyder (no first name given) was the officer at scene on the small house where two young boys skipping school found the chopped body of Dan Burdett.
  • Detective Coulter
  • Michael: Young paramedic assisting on the crime scene of Dr. Danco's victim Frank Aubrey.
  • Frank Aubrey: Former member of Doakes' unit in El Salvador.
  • Rascal: Dog of Kathy.
  • Jason
  • Nick
  • Oscar Acosta
  • Kathy
  • Manuel Borges: First Victim of Dr. Danco.
  • Luis

Dexter in the Dark

Dexter by Design

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