A Lawful Killer is a person granted permission to kill another human being depending on the circumstances. However, they can not kill without proper purpose or otherwise they can be seen as a Murderer. Examples of lawful killers are members of law enforcement, executioners for the state and military personnel during wartime.

The common trait among lawful killers is that never appreciate the fact that they've had to end another human's life. Some are able to continue on with their lives blocking out the fact while others are haunted every night due to their decision to end another life. Because of this, guilt and sometimes alcoholism is a factor in their daily lives as they attempt to cope with their actions.

So far, only one person has ever been an antagonist for Dexter Morgan that qualifies as a lawful killer: Sergeant James Doakes. While Frank Lundy can be considered an antagonist there is no concrete proof that he have ever killed another human being. It may be possible however, that Stan Liddy has ended a life in his past and was an Attempted Murderer against Dexter Morgan in Season Five. No proof exists to this fact.

Known Lawful Killers

  • Sergeant James Doakes - A former black-ops specialist and military man, Doakes has probably killed multiple people as part of his missions. During the events of DEXTER, he is only seen to have killed two people, Jacques Bayard in Season One, and Curtis Barnes in Season Two.
  • Detective (then) Debra Morgan - Debra has never had to pull her trigger on a suspect before until she dealt with Marco Fuentes whom nearly killed a man in their last confrontation and she wasn't willing to take the risk a second time. Following his death, she felt "no remorse" for the action and a part of her felt that he truly deserved that.
  • Detective Mike Anderson - A recent transfer from Chicago, Mike already had killed someone under the protection of the law while investigating Brother Sam's murder. He went to Leo Hernandez's house to question him where he drew a shotgun and started shooting. Mike and several other officers retaliated by opening fire and killing him.