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Cherilyn Wilson
Season Six
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Early 20s
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Professional Status
Store clerk at the Rest Stop Mini Mart

Laci is a Character in DEXTER. She is the clerk at the Rest Stop Mini Mart that Dexter Morgan encounters on his "road trip" with the illusion of his brother, Brian Moser. Laci is an attractive young woman, roughly in her early 20s at best but certainly just under half Dexter's own age.


Laci flirts with Dexter from afar

When Dexter enters, he spots Laci talking on the phone and she looks back at him, a look of flirtation and lust in her eye. Brian suggests Dexter go talk to this cute girl, which he promptly continues to do. When he nears she intentionally references her "sexual experience" with whomever she's talking on the phone with and walks over to the register with him. Dexter notices the Revolver that she's got holstered under the counter as he moves to talk with her. Brian casually suggests that they "do her" (though his intention is not what Dexter perceives) and Dexter attempts his own version of flirtation with Laci...however he begins going into a partial rant over the death of his own mother, Laura Moser (when it started out simply referring to "fucking while mothers were around") while he was young...regardless, he's able to play into her attraction and ends up having sex with her in the back room.


"Wouldn't it have been more fun to KILL HER, than fuck her?"

As Dexter finishes up, he awkwardly remarks about the experience as he moves to the counter. Brian quips about the whole event, his whole idea of her being "cute" and "doing her" was simply as a potential target to kill, but Dexter says that he's got what he came after (in grabbing the revolver from under the counter while also walking out with a thing of nachos casually). This revolver comes into play later as the two joyride towards Nebraska firing off round after round and eventually goes into the possession of Norm, whom is promptly killed for his threats.


  • While it isn't specifically stated if Dexter has "safe sex" with Laci, the game Dexter Slice of Life insures that in order to "seduce" Laci, the character must first have a "Box of Protection" (condoms).
  • The actress playing Laci was born in 1988 while Michael C. Hall was born in 1971 so there's roughly a 17 year difference between the two actors. If the character is about the same age, this makes Laci the youngest woman Dexter has ever slept with (at least since the series began) at 23 years old.
  • In addition, she is the fifth shown woman that Dexter has sexual interaction with but only the fourth that he's physically slept with (Trisha Billings simply performed oral for Dexter).
  • This also marks the first time Dexter has slept with someone to get something (specifically, Laci's revolver). Trisha forces herself on Dexter (he obtains the phone afterwards by chance) and his encounters with Rita, Lila and Lumen were all romantic in some fashion.