Jurg, George, and Isaak

Koshka Brotherhood (Bratva, "Koshka" means "female cat") is a criminal organization in Showtime's series DEXTER that appears in Season Seven as the Main antagonists.

Isaak Sirko was the ringleader of the mob and their reach extended as far as the United States, prominently within Miami.

Background and Organization

The Koshka Brotherhood is an Eastern European gang that specializes in human abd heroin trafficking. Their main rivals are the Colombian drug cartels and they battle with them for control of the drug trade.


  • Drug Trafficking - The Brotherhood buy and sell drugs. They completed a transaction at the Foxhole with Detective Joey Quinn standing guard.
  • Human Trafficking - The Brotherhood buy and sell women and work them through their various strip clubs.

Known Members

Koshka brotherhood

Top Officials

Mid-Level Bosses



  • Detective Joey Quinn - A dirty cop that was on the Brotherhood's payroll.


  • Кошка (Koshka) is the Russian word for cat, specifically, female cat. The correct spelling of the word "cat" in Ukrainian - "Кішка" (Kishka).
  • They are the largest scale of Main Antagonists in the series.
  • They are the first organized crime syndicate to play a major role in Dexter's storyline. (Before that, the cartel in Season One played a role in James Doakes' storyline).