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  • The Kill tools were Dexter's "tools of the trade", which he used whenever he killed someone. They were mentioned frequently throughout the series. His brother, Brian Moser, used very similar kill tools and left his victims in pieces like Dexter (although, he made them bloodless, neatly wrapped them up, and left them in plain-sight). Later on in the series, Dexter took on an apprentice, Zach Hamilton, who likewise acquired his own set of kill tools (different to those of Dexter and Brian), but he was murdered by another killer before getting the chance to use them. Dexter mixed up his methods of killing, typically stabbing his victims in the heart (e.g. Matt Chambers, Little Chino and Roger Hicks), sometimes sawing out their necks (e.g. Mike Donovan, Emmett Meridian and Stan Beaudry), sometimes decapitating with a cleaver (e.g. Jamie Jaworski, Ken Olson and Jonathan Farrow) and once even stabbing a person in the left carotid artery (Fred Bowman, although this was done with the knife of another victim - Oscar Prado).

TV SeriesEdit

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Dexter decides to keep his slides, after seeing the smile.

In Return to Sender, Dexter plans to dump his kill tools along with his blood slide box, in order to leave behind no trace, if by chance he becomes a suspect for the murder of Valerie Castillo. After dumping his kill tools, he reminisces his previous kills as he goes through the slides and eventually notices a smile on the blood slide of Valerie (the work of his "new friend," the Ice Truck Killer). Knowing that his friend isn't angry at all, but is just testing him, he decides to keep his blood slide box.

Later on in the series, numerous bodies are discovered in the Bay Harbor and so the FBI are brought in Miami to oversee the work of the police, in identifying and apprehending the Bay Harbor Butcher. In Resistance Is Futile, Sergeant James Doakes is informed by FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy that one of the butcher victims, Anthony Rodrigo, got off the hook, because of bad blood work. Having sensed something off about Dexter for years, Doakes is convinced that he may be behind the killings and may have purposely fudged the blood work to save Rodrigo for himself. Upon vetting Dexter and going through his apartment, Doakes finds his blood slide box and takes it for analysis in an overseas lab. However, he leaves them in his car's trunk for the moment, until he can confirm arrangements with his friend Leonis to have them analyzed. This turns out to be disastrous as his departure from the country immediately after walking out of his interview with Lundy, makes him a suspect in the case and allows the latter to get a warrant on his apartment and car, where the FBI find the blood slides. Doakes returns to Miami, but hides himself from the police, until he can get convincing evidence of Dexter being the real culprit. His attempt to arrest Dexter fails, as Dexter manages to subdue him and lock him inside a cabin. In There's Something About Harry, Dexter gets Doakes to drink water with sedative mixed inside, causing him to faint and siezes this opportunity by putting Doakes' finger prints on his kill tools, in order to frame him for the murders. The tools are found by a Scuba Diving class, giving the police and the FBI further evidence of Doakes' guilt (Left Turn Ahead).

Dexter's newest kill tools are abandoned at the end of Monkey In a Box, when he captures his main adversary in the season (Oliver Saxon). He leaves them behind as evidence against Saxon when he gets arrested, deciding not to go ahead with the kill. Dexter's longing to be with Hannah was stronger than his need to stay and commit a kill. This plan fails, however, as Saxon gets freed by US Marshal Max Clayton and ends up killing Clayton (with one of Dexter's knives) and shooting Dexter's sister, Debra Morgan, whom Dexter had called to arrest Saxon.

Dexter's "Kill Kit" (Pocket Knife Roll) Edit

Power Tools Edit

Supplemental Items Edit

M99 tranquilizer & syringes. Lock pick set. Luminol. Duct tape. Kill attire. Black gym bag. Blood spatter kit. Bleach. Flashlight. Cotton. Smelling salts. Microscope slides. Plastic sheeting / shrink wrap. Black heavy-duty trash bags. Rocks.

Other Kill Methods Edit


Dexter kill tools
In the comics that follow the continuity of the novels, Dexter's kill tools are depicted for the first time on Issue #3.

Video GamesEdit

Dexter: The Game Edit

Kill tools game
In the game, Dexter stores his tools in a wooden box with multiple compartments.

The tools depicted include but are not limited to:

  • Bonesaw
  • Blade


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