The Butcher's Kill Tools

Kill Tools & Pocket Knife Roll

The Kill Tools are Dexter Morgan's "tools of the trade." His brother, Brian Moser, used similar kill tools and dismembered his victims like Dexter (although Brian drained their blood, neatly wrapped up the parts, and left them out in plain sight). Dexter typically stabbed his victims in the heart but he also used other methods, such as sawing out a neck, decapitation, and slashing or stabbing a carotid artery. The known ways that Dexter has killed his victims are listed below.

Kill Kit Tools

Power Tools

Dexter and Saw

Reciprocating saw

Other Kill Methods

Dexter kills Freebo


Supplemental Items

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting

  • M99 tranquilizer & syringes
  • Lock pick set
  • Luminol
  • Duct tape
  • Kill attire
  • Black gym bag
  • Blood spatter kit
  • Bleach
  • Flashlight
  • Cotton
  • Smelling salts
  • Microscope slides
  • Plastic sheeting / shrink wrap
  • Black heavy-duty trash bags
  • Candles (at times)
  • Rocks

TV Series

Season One

In "Return to Sender," Dexter plans to dump his kill tools along with his blood slide box into the bay, in order to leave behind no trace of his secret life should he becomes a suspect for the murder of Valerie Castillo. After he throws his kill tools overboard, he reminisces about his previous kills as he goes through the slides. He eventually notices a smile on the blood slide of Valerie (the work of his "new friend," the Ice Truck Killer) and he decides to keep his blood slide box.

Season Two

In "There's Something About Harry," Dexter gets James Doakes to drink water with a sedative mixed inside, causing him to pass out. Dexter seizes this opportunity to put Doakes' fingerprints on his kill tools, in order to frame him for the murders. The tools are found by a Scuba Diving class, giving the police and the FBI further evidence of Doakes' guilt ("Left Turn Ahead").

Season Eight

Dexter takes on an apprentice, Zach Hamilton, who likewise acquires his own set of kill tools, but he is murdered by Oliver Saxon before he has the chance to use them. Dexter's newest kill tools are abandoned at the end of "Monkey In a Box," when he captures his main adversary in the season. Because of his longing to be with Hannah, Dexter decides not to go ahead with the kill. He leaves the kill tools behind as evidence against Saxon when he gets arrested. This plan fails, however, as Saxon gets freed by US Marshal Max Clayton and ends up killing Clayton (with one of Dexter's knives) and shooting Debra, whom Dexter had called to arrest Saxon.

Novels and Comics

Dexter kill tools

In the comics that follow the continuity of the novels, Dexter's kill tools are depicted for the first time on Issue #3.

Dexter: The Game

Kill tools game
In the game, Dexter stores his tools in a wooden box with multiple compartments. The tools depicted include, but not limited to:
  • Bone saw
  • Blade

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  • Dexter used a Northstar 1050 HD Diamond Ripstop Series Duffle Bag to carry his knife bag and other gear.