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Dexter explains to one of his victims how a kill room should look like - "the inside of a big plastic bag."

A Kill Room was a famous concept in DEXTER. There were multiple Kill Rooms that were used throughout the series and, as their title indicates, they were places where Dexter Morgan killed his nefarious victims. All of Dexter's Kill Rooms were laid out with obstacles that many of his victims couldn't get past, but they also served to help Dexter in the long run, as they prevented him from being caught via blood/fingerprint evidence (one reason why Dexter always wore gloves while dealing with the disposal of his victims). 

Design And Purpose

After confirming that a man or woman has killed somebody and will most likely strike once again, Dexter will search for a potential location to kill that person in, such as in that person's house or some other place that's providential, i.e. a portable rv or somewhere near the ocean where he can transport their body to his boat without running into any trouble. Most of the time, he chooses a room that his target is familiar with. After his/her guilt is confirmed and the Kill Room is located, Dexter will prepare the room, enclosing it in sheets of plastic. (The plastic does not make the kill less messy by any means, though blood that lands on it cannot leak through it.) Dexter also goes to the extent of taping pictures of the victims of his target on to a nearby wall. He will then find a way to lure his target to the location where he plans to kill them, and he typically thrusts an M99 needle into their neck to make them pass out. After the victim is knocked out, Dexter fastens them on to a table (typically with duct tape or belts) and, once they wake up, Dexter will slice their cheek with a scalpel and draw a sample of blood from them with a syringe; Dexter

 places this blood on a blood slide. He then proceeds to converse with his victim, often accusing them of their past misdoings and comparing their acts to his own. After a long talk and
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Photos of his targets' victims situated on the wall; Dexter's way of showing his victim just how much agony they have caused.

informing them of their misdoings, Dexter will end their life...,typically by stabbing them in the heart with a knife, sawing out their throats, or decapitating them with a cleaver. However, he does step outside of his mainstream routine on occassion, such as stabbing one's left carotid artery. After the kill, Dexter usually dismembers his victims' body parts (within the plastic-covered room, so that no blood can leak out), and then assorts their body parts amongst several bio-degradable trash bags, which are then dumped into The Gulf Stream with the usage of his boat.


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