Juan Rinez
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Two uncredited actors
First Appearance
There's Something About Harry
Last Appearance
Dark Echo - Chapter One
Full Name
Juan Rinez
Manner of Death
Killed by Dexter Morgan
29 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Professional Status
Killer Profile
"No Known Alias"
Number of Victims
At least 2
Modus Operandi
Unknown blunt instrument
Killing Method
Beats them in the head with a blunt object
Method of Disposal
No known cause

Juan Rinez is a character on DEXTER. He was a pimp who murdered one of his prostitutes named Julie Piotrowski, as well as Dexter's fourth human victim.

It was later revealed that Rinez was also a murderer of Davey Sanchez, therefore making him a personal adversary of Harry Morgan (which was also evident in Harry's special attention to Piotrowski case) and Dexter (who was impressed by the fact that Rinez killed a cop and was able to be free of charges).


Juan was a pimp arrested by Harry Morgan for killing one of his prostitutes. He is arrested, but let off due to a faulty warrant. When Tom Matthews visits Harry Morgan during Debra's birthday party to inform him of Rinez's release, Harry loses his temper and later tells Dexter that he was right in training him. However, Dexter finds and kills Rinez himself; Harry finds his son standing over Rinez's dismembered body. Dexter later learns that Harry committed suicide days later, rather than dying of natural causes as he had previously believed, and guesses that he was unable to face the reality of what he trained his son to do.

Dexter disposed of Juan's remains in the swamp of Everglades. It is unknown if Juan was ever identified as a victim of the Bay Harbour Butcher, as the Butcher's victims were identified via Dexter's blood slides when they were discovered, but Dexter did not take a blood slide from Juan. If Juan ever was identified as a victim, however, his murder has been blamed on James Doakes.

In Easy as Pie Dexter briefly dreams of murdering Rinez again and dismembering him - situation with Harry repeats with Miguel Prado, who, instead of vomiting, is absolutely neutral to corpse.

In Season 8, Episode 4, Debra watches Vogel's last session with Harry, where is implied that Juan was the one that killed Harry's partner (Davey Sanchez) and that this was another reason that Dexter killed him.


Appearances and references


  • Two different uncredited actors portrayed Rinez on his Second and Third season appearances. While they look quite similar, it is obvious that they are not the same person per se. Though, there's no plot hole here becuase second appearance was in a dream, where people may appear different to their real self and still be recognized by a dreamer.
  • Considering that Rinez was responsible for a two murders in the series and appeared in a few episodes (and was referenced in two others) he can be counted as a secondary antagonist. Despite all of his appearances were in flashbacks or dreams (and even so - he was never seen alive) he still was a long-time adversary for both Dexter and Harry and had a pivotal impact on lifes of their, influencing Harry in his training of Dexter and Dexter's own views of justice. It was disappointment of Rinez's murder being all wrong that eventually forced Harry to commit suicide.
  • A fact of Davey Sanchez murderer (who was later revealed to be Rinez) being free of charges was an important point in Dexter's philosophy and also developed in him a special hatred for cop killers: in later years apart from Rinez Dexter nearly killed Carlos Guerrero without preparation because he killed an undercover police officer and he also was especially eager to kill Viktor Baskov because he murdered a fellow police detective Mike Anderson.
  • Chronologically Rinez is the first prominent antagonist to Dexter and the first one he ever killed.