Jorge Castillo
Character Profile
Portrayed By
José Zuniga
Season One
First Appearance
Love American Style
Last Appearance
Love American Style
Full Name
Jorge Castillo

Manner of Death
Stabbed in the chest by Dexter Morgan
36 (at death)
16 August 1970
Personal Status
Marital Status
Valerie Castillo (deceased)
3245 Leery Street Miami, FL 33130
Professional Status
People Smuggler/Car Wrecker
Killer Profile
"El Coyote"
Number of Victims
At least four
Modus Operandi
Fish holding tank on his boat
Killing Method
Method of Disposal
Thrown into the ocean
Unknown although assumed to be in it for the money

Jorge Castillo is a character in DEXTER in Season 1. He, together with his wife Valerie Castillo, transported illegal immigrants from Cuba to Miami. However, as part of the scheme, The Castillos would raise the price of transport after they had arrived in Miami. If an immigrant or their family couldn't pay them, he or she is imprisoned or killed.

Dexter Morgan first becomes aware of Castillo's operation after Rita tells him that her co-worker begins to worry when her husband never arrives in Miami after leaving Cuba. Rita asks Dexter if he knows anyone who can help, and while Dexter says he will check with the immigration department, he follows Castillo himself. Dexter find him at his salvage yard and introduce himself as "Dave Cutler". Castillo, a Cuban immigrant himself, pretends to not understand Spanish and claims to be American when Dexter tests him during their first encounter. Castillo lives a life of luxury from the money takes from desperate Cuban families, living in a large mansion and driving an expensive sports car.

Jorge's Driver License

His Driver License

The immigrants Castillo has already brought over are held captive in filth aside metal storage container in his salvage yard while he waits for the family to pay what is essentially their ransom. If a family never pays, the person is taken out on Jorge's boat and drowned and tossed overboard. The police assume they drown trying to get into the country illegally and do not investigate any further.

One night when Castillo is returning to his salvage yard he finds a trail of lit candles leading to a trailer. He follows them inside, only to be ambushed by Dexter. Shortly thereafter, Valerie arrives and, much to Dexter's surprise, is fully aware of her husband's illegal schemes. Dexter hastily captures her as well and prepares a kill room for both of them.

Just before Dexter moves to kill the Castillo's, Jorge and Valerie profess their love for one another, causing Dexter to hesitate. When Dexter asks them how they make their relationship work when they're killers, they tell him that they want the same things and have the same dream. After that Dexter puts cotton in their mouths to stop them from talking and kills them. Dexter later has to frame Jorge for Valerie's murder when the Ice truck killer, who has been stalking Dexter, dives after her body and places it back in the trailer.


Jorge's Victims

Pictures of three unnamed victims, seen in Dexter's Kill Room