The Jordan Chase Organization was a large company based around the founder, Jordan Chase. It serves as a large distributor of Jordan Chase merchandise, as well as sponsoring each of his events. This organization is known worldwide and works in multi-national officers.


Jordan Chase isn't merely a serial rapist and killer, he's a icon across the world as a brilliant author that captivates everyone with his seminars and CDs. In short - he changes lives, though from the outside these followers would appear to be brainwashed peasants that were simply trying to find something to cling on after losing faith in their religion fulfilling their desires. Of course, despite the criticism...Jordan Chase is a messiah to the people and has built a financial empire off of it.

On the Outside

When seen from the outside, Jordan Chase might appear to be a religious zealot with an agenda: make change in the world. He's a generally upstanding citizen who only wishes to share his viewpoints with the world...and he is realized by the fact that he's immensely popular and has a cult of followers.

The Books

The books themselves, or as they are often referred to as "The CDs" (basically representing spoken dialogue for an audio on the book itself) fall in the Take It Now series. Much of the content displayed in each book talks of how a man can move beyond the limitations set on him by embracing the ability to TAKE something they truly desire, saying that those who do will find their greatest desires fulfilled.

The books are available to the public via actual novels with a picture of Jordan Chase on the front posing in the typical author fashion to audio CDs showing him on the cover, displaying a large smile from what appears to be one of his seminars.

Known books in the series include: Seize Your Desires, Take It Now and The Final Step.


Because Jordan Chase has built such fame from his seminars and the books themselves, people have began to worship his very likeness. Thus merchandise can be purchased at any seminar or ordered on an online website, even over the phone. He even accepts Credit Cards (via something Dexter noted in Episode 508: Take It) as payment, which further demonstrates how much of a financial business has sprouted from his fame (with the hightech equipment available for scanning those cards).

The items themselves range from posters to coffee mugs and T-shirts, pretty much anything that has to do with Jordan Chase or the Primal Self.

The Fans

Though they are sometimes appropriately called "Followers", these are the men and women (even children) that listen to just about every CD and buy every bit of merchandise they can obtain. Most of them walk away with this feeling that Chase's teachings really changed their lives, one such man stating that because he Took It...he obtained a beautiful woman and is now expecting a child with her.

Despite what Chase may be on the inside, his teachings have meant a lot to many fans...including Vince Masuka. It is not unexpected to see them act violently if something might happen to Chase in the future, thus suggesting a blind cult that just lost their messiah.

The Seminars

An important part of Jordan Chase's popularity are the seminars. These seminars are captivating, encouraging a belief system that is spread across millions. It is more than just a Sunday Church show, speaking the word of God...these are media-sourced, studio production displays that truly immerse everyone within the idea of "Primal Self" and the teachings of Take It Now.

Jordan Chase will start off a Primal Self seminar by having a soft rock soundtrack playing to the visual recordings of animals in the wild, fighting to survive...taking what they desire to display dominance. During this visual presentation, Chase will begin speaking about how over time taking what you feel you deserve has been prominent throughout history...and after a cutaway from the video, Chase will scream out "Take It" and suddenly the crowd will become drenched in a frenzy, screaming out Take It whenever Chase says it and truly becoming involved in the experience.

The lighting for these seminars is typically a dark blue, shrouding the audience in darkness while Chase is on a bright stage, surrounded by the words Take It and perhaps pictures of himself. Security stands at all sides and when Chase chooses someone of interest, a spotlight will fall on them. He could call on them to share their stories or use them for the rest of the audience to give an example for his teachings.

It is not uncommon for these Seminars to last hours on end, with frequent breaks to allow fans to buy mercnandise. These are typically multi-day events, sitting into just about 4 days.

On the Inside

Not to say the organization is corrupt, just the founder. Everyone within the organization sees Chase as a leader, not a monster and most likely has no idea of his true agenda behind his Take It now speeches.


For having gained so much fame, Chase is surrounded by security practically 24/7. His Head of Security Cole Harmon will stay at his side whenever he is not at seminars, while a variety of other security personel will be available at public events. By count at any specific event, he can have just about 10 men at his disposal...perhaps more.

According to Dexter Morgan, his executive office building has at least 12 highly trained security guards stationed.


At seminars, there are a variety of employees that help premote Jordan Chase by selling merchandise and his novels. Away from the seminars, the Organization employees hundreds to handle calls and questions, making it near impossible to actually speak with Jordan Chase himself unless you have a valid reason to do so.


It should be noted that if Jordan Chase were to ever be murdered or disappear, the organization would crumble and a terrible fallout would occur. Dexter took a big risk by even wanting to kill him, as he is a very popular and generally heroic figure in society...any disappearance would be highly investigated and would put Dexter at a higher risk than he's ever been in before. That said, nothing happened after Lumen killed him and she and Dexter disposed of him.