Shot from Season Six - the Doomsday Killings.

The Investigation Room is a common location within the DEXTER series. Having been present since the Bay Harbor Butcher Investigation, this room is often used for briefings on major breaks and insight into the current big murder case going on in Miami. This room is infamous for containing a lot of boards with pictures, information on victims, and various emotional connection between characters. Prior to Season Two, the main office area was often used when handling cases such as the Carlos Guerrero case that Sergeant James Doakes used and oftentimes, a briefing would be held in the official conference room by Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta while providing projection slide-show images of the current victims for the Ice Truck Killer.

Almost every major case since the Bay Harbor Butcher has been worked on and practically solved due to information stored in this room. Debra Morgan and Frank Lundy often spent hours working over information in hopes of finding some connection and answer to who they were hunting. It is still in use today, with usually one or two people standing at the dry erase boards describing their current information on the case (typically the Lieutenant or Sergeant at the time) while everyone else positions themselves on the opposite side of the room. This room is also famous for Vince Masuka's "drama queen" entries when he discovers something unique about a particular murder and bursts in during the middle of someone else's theory to tell his side of the story.

Unlike the conference room for Season One, it seems that anybody can be in attendance here (rather than just detectives specifically assigned to the case, even Dexter can come in from time to time if he's not strictly involved in it). Not a lot of the background detectives (such as Detective Soderquist or Detective Ramos) offer much insight but usually the people speaking are Debra Morgan, Angel Batista, Joey Quinn, Maria LaGuerta, Vince Masuka and Dexter Morgan when he doesn't mind throwing a bone to the department. As of recently, he seems more inclined to offer his mind to the task and seems less worried about letting them get too far ahead in their investigation. Usually however, he manages to get there before them either way.

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