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Ice Truck Killer Victims 1 and 2 are characters mentioned in DEXTER as well as the Dexter Book Series. Two victims prior to Season One were found within the past 5 months in Broward. Debra Morgan is the one who mentioned them and compared these victims to the Pool Victim (Ice Truck Killer), being "chopped up just like this one".

The identities of these girls is unknown, however they are assumed to be prostitutes just like all of the other female victims of Brian Moser. They are however not his first victims, as the earliest known kill is actually Rudy Cooper, the plumber back in 1998 in New Jersey. In addition, Monique mentions meeting with Brian (whom she didn't know the identity of) as a prostitute back a year beforehand. Their second meeting has Brian reveal that her "imperfection" is what saved her the first time, which suggests that he had killed other prostitutes before the two women in Broward.

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