IT is a mythical, godlike entity that has existed since the beginning of time and was introduced in Dexter in the Dark.


IT is a godlike entity that was created in the beginning of time. At first IT waited through the beginning of time and lived through the beginning of the world. The first creature IT inhabited was a lizard and experienced a great thrill when the lizard killed little creatures. When the humans were made IT at first didn't like them but then when IT saw how they hurt and killed each other IT thought "I can work with this." After a while IT was not getting the feeling it always wanted and so caused numorous people to kill families and tribes which then caused IT's host to notice IT was there. After IT's host noticed IT was with them, IT caused them to go and kill people. Then IT made its own ritual of burning people alive, especially little kids, so they could release their essence on the world and IT became very happy. IT then made offspring of itself but then IT and IT's offspring went to war and IT came out victorious. Some of IT's children still hide from IT in fear. The current status of IT since Dexter in the Dark is unknown but at the end of the novel IT is waiting to start again.