Dexter driving The Slice of Life into the hurricane.

Hurricane Laura (also referred to as Tropical Storm Laura) is a tropical storm that becomes a potentially major threat in the final episodes of DEXTER. Alluded to in Episode 811: Monkey In a Box, it's to make landfall in Miami, with its first appearance being in The Finale.

The storm approaches during a critical time in Dexter Morgan's life, as he's attempting to move on to Argentina with his girlfriend, Hannah McKay, and son, Harrison. Due to her status as a fugitive, she's forced to flee the country any way possible and they first attempt to go through the Aero Sudamerica Airport through an available flight. Unfortunately, due to being pursued by a private investigator named Jacob Elway, they have to "sabotage" the flight (setting Elway up as a terrorist in the airport, which results in the flight being cancelled) and no further planes are scheduled to leave, due to the hurricane.

The two decide a bus ride to a city further away would serve them better, as flights were available there. Unfortunately, only Hannah and Harrison make it to Argentina, as Dexter has unfinished business to take care of. His sister Debra Morgan was shot and severely wounded by a Serial Killer known as Oliver Saxon. Before he could leave, he needed to make sure Saxon was taken care of and this results in him staying behind to deal with the killer. Saxon is arrested by Angel Batista before the two could get into a confrontation at the hospital, only for Dexter to realize that Debra has passed into a vegetative state, due to a blood clot during surgery (which cut off oxygen to her brain for a period of time).

Dexter, filled with rage and grief, watches as Batista and Joey Quinn interrogate Saxon, only for him to play coy to the situation. Dexter feels that the two could build a case against Saxon, ultimately sending him to the electric chair...and that he could make his way to Hannah to be on the flight. But instead decides that he needs to kill Saxon himself, resulting in him showing up under the guise of a fake GSR (gunshot residue) test by himself. After laying a pen down in front of Saxon, claiming he'd kill him with that pen...Saxon instead uses the pen in an attempt to kill Dexter, but Dexter's martial arts training with his quick reflexes allows him to divert the damage to simply his shoulder, where he disarms and uses the pen to stab Saxon in the side of the neck...killing him. The situation is recorded on camera, with Quinn and Batista siding with Dexter as it being self-defense (with Quinn not caring and Batista listening to Dexter's story).

With Saxon dead, Dexter's left lost to himself, and decides to take his boat, Slice of Life, to dock outside of Miami Central Hospital, where various patients are being evacuated due to the oncoming storm. He approaches his comatose sister, sharing an emotional moment, before shutting off her life-support and wheeling her out to his boat in the chaos of the storm. He then drives the boat out to sea, near the storm, where he gently drops her into the ocean. With a final call to Hannah and Harrison, Dexter decides that with all the people that have died due to him...he'd rather not wish this fate on his girlfriend and son. So, he rides his boat into the eye of the hurricane, where it disappears amongst the clouds.

After the storm dies out, it's revealed that the Slice of Life has been destroyed...with wreckage left behind, but no apparent survivors. In reality, Dexter had used the emergency life raft[1] to escape and started a new life in an undisclosed location, beginning a new career as a lumberjack.


  • The name of the storm has actually been used on at least two real life storms in the last century, one being in 2008 and the other in 1971.[2]
  • The hurricane also shares its' name with Dexter's biological mother, Laura Moser. This is somewhat symbolic as Laura gave birth to Dexter while the hurricane allowed Dexter to fake his death, giving birth to a whole new isolated life in Oregon.


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