The Hotel Cokehead Murders Case is a police investigation into the murders of a coke dealer and a girl at an unknown hotel.


Rival Dealer - Suspected of committing the crime based on the fact that one of the victims was a drug dealer specializing in coke and that when police arrived at the scene all of the victims drugs were gone.

Ex-Boyfriend - Was suspected of committing the murders based on Dexter's observations of how the blood was telling the story. He proceeds to say that the dealer was taken out instantly and that the girl was the focus of the killer's wrath. Later confirmed when they found the ex-boyfriend and he confessed.

History of Killers

At some unknown point the girl and the perpetrator were a couple until the girl broke up with him for unknown reasons. This later sent the ex-boyfriend into a rage and decided to take his revenge on the girl for what she did to him.

Detectives on Case

  • Sergeant-Detective James Doakes - Ran point on the investigation on who committed the murders and initially suspected that it was a rival dealer.
  • Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta - Runs the personnel on the case and plays the part of peacemaker for James and Dexter when they have conflicting theories.

Other operatives involved in the case

  • Forensics Blood Spatter Analyst Dexter Morgan - Worked on the crime scene since there was a lot of blood at the scene. Eventually determines from the blood patterns that it was most likely an ex-boyfriend of the girl's and that she was the real target.


  • Dealer - A drug dealer who specialized in dealing coke, and the first one of the victims to be killed. He was killed instantly with a stab to the throat.
  • Girl - An unknown girl who was present at the crime scene and originally thought to just be collateral damage to get the dealers drugs. Later examines prove that she was the real target of the killer based on the way the killer took his time with her.

Closure of Case

The case has been officially closed because the killer was caught and arrested after it was discovered that he killed them.

Fate of Killer

The ex-boyfriend was presumedly arrested and sent to prison for the murders.

The Game

As Coke Head Murders case was adapted nearly literally to the series as one of the missions in Dexter: The Game (others adapted include Dexter's own escapades with Mike Donovan and Jamie Jaworski, as well as the Ice Truck Killer Investigation).