The Hernandez Shooting is an officer-involved shooting between Miami Metro Homicide and Leo Hernandez.


Leo Hernandez - The new shot caller for the Locos since Julio disappeared and police showed up at his place to question him. After he saw the police he went back inside his house pulled out a shotgun and started shooting, resulting in the police returning fire and killing him in the process.


Detective Mike Anderson - Went to Leo's house to question him about the death of Brother Sam when Leo ran inside his house. Mike cover behind his car and pulled out his weapon. When Leo came out with a shotgun and started shooting at him, Mike returned fire along with two patrol officers effectively killing Leo.

Miami Metro Police Department - Two patrol officers arrived to back Mike up on taking in Leo when he pulled out a shotgun. They then followed Mike's lead and pulled out their weapons and returned fire.

History Leading up to the Shooting

Shortly before Mike went to Leo's house to question him, Brother Sam had been shot three times in what appeared to be a robbery gone bad. Homicide Division later considered that the Locos blamed Sam for the disappearance of their boss Julio Benes. Leo was revealed as the new shot caller and Mike arrived at his house to question him. But instead, Leo ran back inside his house, got his shotgun, and opened fire on Mike and two patrol officers arriving for back up. The officers returned fire, killing Leo and closing the case.


Leo Hernandez - The leader of the Locos who was killed by a combination of Mike's and the patrol officers' bullets.

Fate of Shooter

Leo was killed the minute he opened fire on the police with no police officer injured in the process.