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Harry Morgan (Passenger)
Character Profile
Portrayed By
James Remar
First Appearance
Finding Freebo
Last Appearance
Monkey In a Box
Full Name
Harrison Morgan

Personal Status
Immediate Relatives
Doris Morgan (wife; deceased)
Debra Morgan (daughter; deceased)
Dexter Morgan (adopted son)
Rita Morgan (daughter-in-law; deceased)
Harrison Morgan (grandson)

Harrison "Harry" Morgan (Passenger) is an imaginary character in DEXTER. Harry acts as the physical manifestation of the "Dark Passenger", the constant murderous urge in Dexter Morgan that requires him to kill. He is also Dexter's main voice of his Dark Passenger and appears more than Brian Moser and Laura Moser. The actual Harry Morgan died over ten years prior to 2006 from suicide, covered up as "failure of his hardening arteries".

The Dark Passenger Harry helps him survive and make the right decisions. It is unknown if this could actually be Harry's spirit, as Dexter's mother Laura also appears to him and even his own brother Brian for a short while. Harry always acts indifferent and with a calm understanding, despite Dexter's situation.

As of the events in Nebraska, Harry might be considered the "Light" side of Dexter's personality or the conscience to his actions. When Brian Moser appeared to him in Harry's place, Brian was rarely cautious with his intent on making sure Dexter's next victim was guilty thus urging him on to kill just for the sake of killing. Harry appears indifferent however he offers advice to prevent Dexter from making mistakes, to try and help him from killing an innocent person. However, he did suggest killing Lumen Pierce which meant that Harry was referring to the first rule in The Code of Harry: Don't Get Caught.


Prior to the events of Season Three, Dexter faced all of his problems alone while remembering lessons from his past taught by his father Harry Morgan. These flashback sequences were meant to reflect on the current event's drama, allowing Dexter to relate the two and find a solution in his own way. However, when Dexter found out that Harry committed suicide following an encounter where he discovered his son in the act of dismembering Juan Rinez, Dexter began to reject thoughts of his father the one who raised him to be this way. It is likely at this point he felt drawing events from the past would no longer help him in his future, especially in his consideration for turning himself in (as Harry once told him that this could lead to the electric chair and even took him inside of a prison and showed him an inmate about to be executed, which was one of his last memories of Harry in the past next to the event with Juan Rinez. However, since none of Dexter's victims were innocent people, but mostly murderers of them, and since Dexter is also mentally ill, which he could use in his defense, it is not a certainty that Dexter would really be executed even if he was caught).

For an unknown reason in the third season, Dexter starts having "daydream" sequences where Harry actually exists there to talk to him. These sequences are usually covered in a veil of blur and bright colors, completely set within Dexter's mind including numerous characters such as Laura Moser and even his future wife Rita Bennett along with her children. This tradition continued into Season Four, possibly reflecting on the theme of the season being the "American Dream" of a house, a family, a wife...and once he lost it all at the end of that season, the dream began to end and it somehow forced Harry into "reality".

Season Five and onward sees Harry as if he was actually there, alive. Only Dexter can see him and when they talk, it still seems that no one else can hear him suggesting that Dexter is still daydreaming in some sense. Another character, Brian Moser, also acts in this light...becoming much more physical with the surroundings than Harry has ever been. Harry unlike Brian rarely interacts with anything when Dexter sees him, he usually stands just behind Dexter or to the side offering insight...sometimes in the backseat of a vehicle. Brian is seen eating food (such as pizza and hamburgers), wearing different clothing (in Nebraska, he wears a shirt that says "Nebraska is for Lovers") and even "kills" a man with a pitchfork (though Dexter is actually revealed to be the one using it).


Season Three

Harry appears to frequently tell Dexter that his new friendship with Miguel Prado is a bad idea especially when Dexter starts teaching Miguel The Code of Harry. Eventually Harry is proven right when Miguel starts killing innocent people. Harry also appears at times when Dexter is internally conflicted, with 'Harry' often acting as a counterbalance to Dexter's own impulsive nature. Dexter also imagines him appearing at better times, such as his wedding, where he pictures him standing next to Laura.

Season Four

'Harry' begins to show up a lot more as Dexter becomes more confused with his new role as husband and father. Harry always seems to try and steer Dexter toward the path that would offer him the most personal security, although Dexter begins to ignore him. Harry said from the beginning that Trinity was a dangerous man that needed to be taken out, yet Dexter wanted to learn from him. Much to his dismay, Harry was once again right.

Season Five

After failing to heed his father's warning about Arthur in the previous season, Dexter is faced with the reality that Rita Morgan has now been murdered by Trinity. Dexter sees Harry one last time in his cop attire and loses him for a while after this point, struggling with how to react emotionally through all the events that have occurred. Later on at the end of this episode, Dexter acts out violently by killing a man named Rankin after he first insulted Dexter and then insulted Rita's memory. Harry stands on in the mirror watching Dexter and tells him that was the most human thing he has done since Rita's death...that he never left, then as Dexter falls to his feet it's as if they're actually physically interacting with one another at this level...Dexter goes on to release his anger and Harry coaxes him to return to his life, that running away will not solve anything.

As Dexter restarts his life as a serial killer and attempts to locate a new target, Harry begins showing up again in the typical fashion with advice to help him think and solve his problems. However, whenever Lumen Pierce arrives Harry becomes very distrusting of her just as he did Miguel Prado and Arthur Mitchell before her. Dexter, unclear of what to do, thinks about what to do with her and eventually starts to accept her as a colleague. Harry has not been seen since Dexter's almost near-attempt of a murder on someone who was not guilty, thus suggesting that Dexter's involvement with Lumen is shutting Harry out...which may or may not be a good thing come the later half of that season.

After his long disappearance, Astor arrived in Dexter's life again with her friend Olivia and in trying to understand this whole situation, Harry appeared once more to offer Dexter a solution to his problem. Dexter didn't want advice from a man attempting to give insight on teenage girls, but Harry instead instructed Dexter that the safety of both girls best lay in getting them as far away as physically possible from Miami, especially with The Group being his target. Dexter takes note of this advice and Harry disappears when Lumen arrives, reappearing only once more after Dexter deals with Barry Kurt (Olivia's mother's boyfriend that abused her), extending his understanding of Dexter. When Dexter notices Harry, he automatically assumes that he's going to get the typical "You're endangering yourself Dexter, you're taking too much of a risk Dexter..." attitude...but instead, Harry tells him he's proud that he could actually put himself out there for another person despite all the risks aligned with it. Dexter listens on as his father praises him for acting far beyond his expectations of how he'd grow up...and this may suggest that Harry is more than just his sub-conscience, even going as far as to suggest Harry's spirit resides within Dexter...coming out only when he needs him most (much like the saying that when someone close to you passes away, they're always in your heart).

Season Six

Season Eight

In Season 8, ghost Harry continues to state the obvious to Dexter. In the penultimate episode, Dexter realizes he doesn't need Harry anymore. Unlike previous references to Harry as a mental representation of Dexter's father, this last scene suggests that Harry is an actual ghost, as noted by Dexter's final glance in which he looks to the sky and exhales following Harry's goodbye.


Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

Other appearances

Dexter: The Game

Harry Morgan game

Harry, as he appears on Dexter: The Game.

Harry appears throughout the game with no line of speech on the left part of the screen whenever a new level or location is loading, with an advice from Harry's code in text on his right side.