Gervasio César Martez is a Character in the DEXTER series of novels. He was a security guard, employed by Sago Security Systems. He worked on the contruction site where Dexter confronted Jamie Jaworski.


Darkly Dreaming Dexter

When Dexter was about to kill Jamie Jaworski. he heard the static of a radio near his location. Dexter spotted a security guard, which was Gervasio. After Dexter killed Jamie out of desperation to leave from there, Gervasio entered the building by the opposite site by which Dexter was escaping and eventually found Jamie's body.

As stated by Dexter: Gervasio César Martez was a security guard, employed by Sago Security Systems.He had worked for them for fourteen months and had no criminal record. Martez had found the body at approximately 10:17PM and immediately made a quick search of the area before calling police. He wanted to catch the pendejo who had done this thing because no one should do such things and they had done it when he, Gervasio, was on the job. That was like they had done it to him, you know? So he would catch the monster himself. But this had not been possible. There was no sign of the perpetrator, not anywhere, and so he had called the