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Gail Brandon
Character Profile
Portrayed By
JoBeth Williams
First Appearance
Last Appearance
That Night, a Forest Grew
Full Name
Gail Brandon

Personal Status
Marital Status
Divorced or Widowed
Rita's Father (unknown if alive or deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Rita Morgan (daughter; deceased)
Astor Bennett (granddaughter)
Cody Bennett (grandson)
Harrison Morgan (grandson)
Dexter Morgan (former son-in-law)
Paul Bennett (former son-in-law; deceased)
John Alan Ackerman)
Professional Status

Gail Brandon is character in DEXTER. She is Rita Morgan's mother and Cody's, Astor's and Harrison's grandmother, as well as Dexter Morgan's former mother-in-law. She was a schoolteacher in Ashley, Michigan until the school board forced her to take early retirement due to her overly strict teaching style. A snide and controlling woman, she's exceedingly distrusting of anyone especially people her daughter takes interest in.


Gail has extremely high standards, making her judgmental of her daughter and her grandchildren, presumably because she used to be a schoolteacher. She also distrusts Dexter, who she believes is a drug addict, and believes Rita is repeating her mistake with Paul by getting involved with another addict.

Season 2Edit

After Gail arrives, she becomes suspicious of Dexter, claiming that he is hiding something. When she finds out that Dexter is a "drug addict" she believes that Rita is making the same mistake again. After Dexter and Rita break up, because of Dexter's affair with Lila, Gail starts to boss Rita and her children around. Near the end of season two, her attitude causes Rita to break off all ties with her and force her to leave her home, not wanting her children to be exposed to her (like she was).

Season 3Edit

Gail refused to attend Dexter and Rita's wedding, claiming that because she had started teaching again she was too busy. She did, however, send a scathing card expressing her hope that Rita's third marriage would be "the charm", though Rita is hiding that fact in stating that her mother means the third child.


  • Strangely she did not attend her daughter's funeral.

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