Frank Aubrey
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Dearly Devoted Dexter
Full Name
Frank Aubrey

Unknown (alive when found at crime scene)


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Frank Aubrey is a Character in the Dexter novels. He was a member of Doakes' unit during his years in El Salvador.


Dearly Devoted Dexter

Dexter and Deborah chased a white van pressumably drived by Dr. Danco, through the highways of Miami. The van crashed on a tree while Deborah's car fell to the water. Dr. Danco abandoned the van in the midst of the accident. After Dexter rescued Deborah from been drowned, they, along with Doakes identified a body on the back of the abandoned white van. Judging by a tattoo on the victim's neck, Doakes stated the poor soul was Frank Aubrey, a member of his unit in El Salvador. Aubrey's body was left in a similar manner to Manuel Borges, dismembered but still with his head, alive with no vocal capacity but with enough conscience to fill pain. While Deborah just wished Kyle was not going through the same suffering as the victim on sight, the paramedics Michael and the older paramedic were reluctant to be present on such gory scene but managed to work on the matter and left with the body on their forensic vehicle.