The Foxhole Shooting is an officer-involved shooting between Detective Joey Quinn and George Novikov.


George Novikov - A high-ranking gangster in the Koshka Brotherhood and Quinn's boss after they had him. He was the temporary leader of the Brotherhood before he pulled a gun while drunk and started assaulting a stripper named Nadia and Quinn shot him as a response.


Detective Joey Quinn - Was an officer affiliated with the Koshka Brotherhood who was being blackmailed into illegal acts through his girlfriend, Nadia's life. When Novikov gets drunk, pulls out a gun and starts hitting Nadia Joey shoots him once in the chest killing him.

History Leading up to the Shooting

George was a leading figure in the Koshka Brotherhood and manager of their affairs in Miami. He later ran into an old dirty cop on their take named Joey Quinn and tried to start their old relationship to get their leader, Isaak Sirko, out of prison through a bribe. When he refused he held his new girlfriend Nadia hostage until he complied and again offered him the bribe. Quinn did as he was instructed and they let Nadia go, but George wouldn't let Quinn go and used him to oversee a drug deal at the club by blackmailing him. Later Quinn started avoided him and George responded by forcing Nadia to sleep with him and Quinn beat him as a result. When George killed Isaak he got drunk and got his gun and Nadia. Quinn arrived after she called him and Quinn raised his gun towards George and he put his gun down. He then slapped Nadia while Quinn warned him not to do it again but George ignored him and hit her again. This was the final straw as Quinn shot him at point blank and afterwards made it look like George shot first so the shooting would be ruled justified.


George Novikov - A member of the Koshka Brotherhood and temporary leader of the Brotherhood.

Fate of Shooters

George was killed by one shot to the chest when he repeatedly slapped Nadia while drunk to antagonize Quinn. Quinn then had Nadia fire George's gun to make it look like George fired first and Joey retaliated.