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Fountain Victim (Ice Truck Killer)
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The Fountain Victim is a character in DEXTER. She is an unidentified woman found outside of the Crab Festival at The Fountain, left in the open for Dexter Morgan to find. This victim is the second targeted by the Ice Truck Killer in Miami and is unique in several aspects from the first.

Detective Angel Batista is on scene when Dexter arrives, revealing that he was nearby on a date with Rita Bennett. Batista describes the body as an emotional piece, with the first cut at the ankle being very rough and heavy, the second not so much and the third cut being rather calming. The top of the left leg has been skinned of all muscle and skin, leaving nothing but pure bone attached to the remaining, perfect flesh. This body is in 19 pieces, while the previous was found with one of the legs not cut in four...the left hand is still attached to the wrist and the head is missing from this body and both men ponder at its meaning. As for the wrapping in this victim's case, the entire right leg's portions are wrapped, as is the left arm portions. The right hand of the victim is wrapped and then finally the torso portions are all wrapped.

One night after, following a successful kill of Jamie Jaworski, Dexter is driving home when suddenly a Refrigerated Ice Truck drives passed him. Putting two and two together, based on time and location at this hour...Dexter decides to tail the truck and eventually corners it at a dead end that Dexter wasn't expecting. The truck turns around, keeps the high beams on so the driver's face is hidden and tosses the head out, which smacks right along the windshield before landing on the road beside. The victim's head is apparently that of a long-haired, curly blonde woman.

The identity of this victim is never revealed, it is assumed she (as well as the Bower victims) are one of several named victims provided on buckets at Brian Moser's Apartment.

Other appearances

Dexter: The Game

Crime scene 2
After participating in the Crab Festival, Dexter notices a crime scene, and stating to Rita that the guys of Miami Metro might need his help, he ventures to the scene and is approached by Batista who explains the victim's status and the connection with the Pool Victim.