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Spoiler Spoiler warning: This article or section contains key plots and information. Read at your own risk.

What's going to happen next? I think we have some points to consider. Think back to every season and all the proof is ther for Deb to believe Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Season One - Brian Moser

Remember that Debra figured out Dexter's twisted family tree. She learned that Harry was sleeping around with a C.I. named Laura Moser. And that this Laura had two children, Dexter and Brian Moser. Dexter told her that he must have used Deb to get Dexter. When in all seriousness that is true, but he didn't say why.

We know that Brian wanted Dexter and him to make some duo serial killer team going around killing. And in season six we learned that Brian wanted to travel accross country to become an even more notorious serial killer, mimicing Trinity's pattern of accross country murders.

Deb will now have to believe that it was Dexter's fault for Brian kidnapping her. And she once believed all the emotional stuff was rather real with him. Because in Season 4 when Christine was in questioning she tells Quinn she was in love with him. Now she knows for sure that Brian was using her from the start.

Season Two - The Bay Harbor Butcher

No one can forget that James Doakes died as the Bay Harbor Butcher. The world was sold on this fact. Deb will be able to connect the dots. The way Dexter has Travis tied to the table and how he stabbed him in the heart and the slice on the cheek were all part of the M.O. of The Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter could try to play it off that he was inspired by the BHB, but I think Deb is too smart for that. Her trust for Dexter is probably broken now and she won't believe a word.

She will now have the secret that James Doakes died for Dexter against his will. I guess Deb also now knows that Dexter really did break a ton of speed limits to get to the Cabin before anyone else.

It might also be possible that she tries to tract Lila down to find she's been "missing."

Season Three - Miguel Prado

I highly doubt she will be able to connect Jorge to Dexter. There wasn't any real evidence left behind. I don't see anything major from this season that is linked to Dexter. The way that Ellen died and disposed of does not meet his M.O. He may spill that Miguel killed her. Most of this season was about Miguel and Dexter and Deb and Anton.

Season Four - Trinity

Here is the tricky season. Rita died from Trinity in what seemed like a random act of crime. But now that Deb knows Dexter's secret she may connect the dots. Rita died because of Dexter. Dexter broke Harry's code and that cost him Rita's life. And remember Dexter was already at the Mitchell's at the time of the raid. Deb questioned him how he was already there. Another thing we need to remember is that Quinn though Kyle Butler was Dexter and Deb found out that Quinn was stalking Dexter. Knowing that Quinn had hunches she might ask Quinn what they were.

Season Five - The Group

Remember that intense moment of Deb crying with a gun pointed at the plastic wall between Lumen, Dexter, and her? Deb might be able to piece the vigilante together and connect it to Dexter and Lumen. When Astor and Olivia showed up to Rita and Dexter's house they were drunk. They ran away to go shopping and Dexter thought they were kidnapped by Jordan. Well they were being held for shop lifting now in a mall security. When Deb went back to the house with them Lumen was there with Harrison. She specifically says "you didn't think to mention that hot blonde living in your house?" Well Deb watched those video tapes enough and saw the pictures enough to know that she looked just like all those women. Deb already believe one escaped and found a man's help to take the Group down. And Lumen was only around for a short time. Deb won't think it was just a rebound.

Harry and Dexter

Deb is going to start questioning what Harry and Dexter were really doing together. Knowing that Dexter is a serial killer and that he's been doing it all these years she's going to think Harry knew. Will Dexter tell her about his Suicide because he couldn't find a place in his for the monster he created?

Season Seven - Episode One

If the writers want this season to count they can not skip any time. The season will have to start up where she walks in. Kind of like the opener for five. It is also interesting that the season Deb learns the secret she is the Lt. I don't know how she's going to deal with this secret, but maybe it comes to some relief. Maybe she can realize that the reason Dexter never shares his feelings is because he barley has any.

What do you guys think?

p.s. I know this is brief and missing a couple points, but don't be shy to add them to the topic. That's the point.

 LtEarth - Admin   Talk  Dev Blog  19:10,12/30/2011 

Well, I agree with you with almost everything. Although I have no idea how the next season can be, I'm happy because at least it's confirmed! The only bad thing is the long time waiting, but I guess now is the time to write about all the other seasons and think about theories with them.
And.. about the topic, something to add.. I believe even Travis Marshall would be another point to consider, I was thinking that she can get upset because as a lieutenant, if she closes the DDK case it's successful for her, but if he just "disappears" it won't be good for her. But maybe it isn't even as important as Doakes. (Oh, and Louis Greene must appear as well, the whole thing about that hand was weird) ~Playsonic2 00:07, January 1, 2012 (UTC)
Scott Buck did an interview with TVGuide that helps answer the Deb question somewhat. Deb did catch Dex in the act, but at this point she has only seen 1 killing. Dex is a pro at explaining his way out of bad situations, and all he needs to say is "Travis/Doomsday Killer kidnapped Harrison, I had to protect him". That story actually checks out, given the nun at the school as a witness. I would certainly understand my brother killing the man who kidnapped his son, even if I was scared to see it.
Deb has all the clues she needs to find out Dex is a serial killer, but she will deny it for a long while I think. He is, after all, her "one constant", and allowing him to go to prison will not help her emotionally or mentally. 20:34, January 12, 2012 (UTC)
Good point. I read that interview a couple days ago and posted in on the wiki. Anyways, I agree with you. We should have fun watching what happens to her. I think the bigger question now is how will Dexter end? Will the writers give him a normal happy life with Harrison, get him caught, or simply let him die. I believe those are the only options because frankly if they ended the show with still a serial killer I will be pissed. Mostly becuase we hear Dexter say a lot that every Serial Killer gets caught... especially Season Four.
 LtEarth - Admin   Talk  Dev Blog  22:18,1/12/2012 
I think it will be abit hard for Dexter to talk his way out of this one. He has plastic sheets surrounding the table and everything is very clinical and clean to avoid any evidence. Deb is smart; she'll see how much preparation there is and then she'll start to wonder.
I think she'll still try to deny it though, as she can't emotionally cope with the one stable man in her life being a serial killer.
And also, if she figures out Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher, Deb will have to accept that Doakes was framed and that Lundy was after the wrong man.
Also the dilemma of whether or not to turn Dexter in: an interesting Season it shall be indeed. 12:19, February 3, 2012 (UTC)
We should also explore how Quinn fits into all of this. Remember, he already has his suspicions about Dexter and Stan Liddy's death. He even told Deborah that he thought Dexter was involved in Rita's death.
Will Deborah remember what he thought about Dexter? Will she ask him for more information?
Will Quinn go back to investigating Dexter once he gets his personal life back on track?

I agree. There are so many things that has happened that we all forget about. Quinn did question Dexter about hiding something. And we can't forget that Deb only saw him kill DDK and nothing else. I think the whole season will be about Deb discovering who Dexter is and what she will do about it. I think Deb will realize that the reason he is always secretive, out late, and never having free time could be because of killing.  LtEarth - Admin   Talk  Dev Blog  23:59,2/21/2012 

I think Stan Liddy is also another point. He had surveillance tapes and everything, all cleaned out of the van. And with Quinn already suspicious she may piece that together as well. It's going to be difficult for Shotime to fit all this into 12 episodes.

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