Flashbacks are mainly used in DEXTER to inform viewers about Dexter's origins as a serial killer, his early exploits, and past events that affect current situations.

List of Flashbacks

Early Cuts

Image Episode Character(s) Year/Date
[[Image:|230px]] Early Cuts: Alex Timmons Dexter Morgan 2009
While comparing himself to Alex Timmons, Dexter has a minor flashback from the days in which he and Harry went hunting, and remembers how Harry never let him take his throphies home.

Season 1

Image Episode Character(s) Year/Date
DexterYoungHarry1 Dexter Dexter Morgan 2006
Harry speaks with Dexter on a boat about a dog named Buddy, who had gone missing from their neighbor's house. Harry mentions that he found the grave and Dexter says he did it for his mother since she was sick and the dog was not letting her sleep, Harry then replied to Dexter that there were more than just Buddy's bones there.
230px Father Knows Best Dexter Morgan 2006
A young Dexter and Debra are playing when Harry proudly announces that after many hurdles, he received Dexter's new birth certificate. Deb asks what happened to his real parents and Harry vaguely replies that they died in a tragic accident, however Dexter does not believe it entirely and starts to question if that is the truth.
230px Father Knows Best Dexter Morgan 2006
While Dexter views Joseph Driscoll's body at the morgue and notices a web tattoo on the right elbow, he recalls a memory as a four-year-old boy sitting in the passenger seat of a car with a rock song playing, staring at the driver's elbow with the same tattoo. Dexter immediately realizes Driscoll is indeed his biological father.

Season 7

Image Episode Character(s) Year/Date
DoakesS73 Surprise, Motherfucker! Dexter Morgan 2012
Dexter is in his lab working on his cases when Sergeant Doakes arrives, announcing himself by saying "Surprise Motherfucker!" while strangely smiling. This marks the first chronological instance in which Doakes uses the catchprase. Later on Dexter continues to work along with Doakes on the Prostitute killer investigation.

Season 8

Image Episode Character(s) Year/Date
[[Image:|230px]] Remember the Monsters? Dexter Morgan 2013
Dexter recalls the date Harrison was born and how Deb stated Dexter would be a great father, because up to that point he had been a great big brother.

Dexter Comics

Image Episode Character(s) Year/Date
Dexter and steve Volume 1: Issue 1 Dexter Morgan 2013
Dexter remembers his first confrontation with Steve Gonzalez and how he almost killed Steve if it wasn't for the janitor of the school stepping in. This situation led Dexter to Mr. Bartlett's office who called Dex's father Harry to pick him up.

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