Esteban and Teo Famosa
Esteban & Teo
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Gilbert Saldivar
Wilmer Calderon
First Appearance
Left Turn Ahead
Last Appearance
Left Turn Ahead
Full Name
Esteban Famosa
Teo Famosa

Manner of Death
Killed by Dexter Morgan
32 (Teo; at death)
25 (Esteban; at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status
Drug Dealers

The Famosa brothers were drug smugglers who had dealings with Santos Jimenez.

Season TwoEdit

The brothers are only seen briefly in one episode when they come across James Doakes as he attempts to escape from the makeshift prison Dexter had created for him inside Jimenez's cabin. As soon as Doakes identifies himself as a police officer, they knock him unconscious.

A short time later, Dexter returns to the cabin to find the brothers unload the cocaine that Jimenez had stored inside, using Doakes to carry it. Dexter is able to signal to Doakes, and despite their antagonistic relationship, the two work together to take down the brothers. Doakes argues with Teo long enough for Dexter to sneak inside the cabin and kill Estaban. It is not shown how Dexter kills him, but a loud thumping noise can be heard coming from inside the cabin shortly before Dexter emerges with Estaban's gun. Doakes then tosses cocaine into Teo's face, distracting him long enough for Dexter to get a clean shot and shoot him in the heart. A short time later, Dexter remarks to Doakes that they just "made some alligators really happy" implying that they disposed of their bodies in the Everglades.

Attempted VictimsEdit

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