Erin Baer
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Jamie Silberhartz
First Appearance
A Horse of a Different Color
Last Appearance
A Horse of a Different Color
Full Name
Erin Baer
Manner of Death
Killed by an Unknown Officer (Travis Marshall secretly installed a wire so that an officer on scene would trip it, causing Erin's jugular to be slashed).
30 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status

Professional Status

Erin Baer is a character in DEXTER. She was a waitress working at a local restaurant who took a fascination in Travis Marshall, and the two had a brief relationship. 


Erin is an attractive, young woman with bright brown eyes and long flowing brown hair.


Erin has a bubbling personality and can charm any patron.


Erin and Travis had a brief relationship in season six, but Travis' mentor, Professor James Gellar, did not approve, claiming that it was his choice to do as he will but prepare for the consequences for his actions. Gellar keeps a close eye on the two, even disturbingly watching over them as they make love. The next morning, Travis finds Erin tied up by Gellar. Travis says that he doesn't want this, but Gellar said that by "defiling" her, he made her part of God's plan. Travis, still angered, allows Erin to be killed (although actually by himself). Later at the Botanical Gardens, Miami Metro arrives at a crime scene where an Alpha and Omega symbol was made. Blood on some shrubery eventually leads them to the green house, where Erin has been strung up, with her mouth gagged. Erin tries her best to warn the others not to get too close and Debra Morgan catches on, standing still as she manages to spot the trip wire. Unfortunately, one of the fellow officers does not and as Debra calls out, telling her not to move any further, she trips the wire and the trap mechanism on Erin Baer's support harness releases. In an event that takes place in only five seconds, her body falls down while the collar around her neck punctures her jugular, her arms strung up to either side attached to angel wings, while blood trickles down her neck. Unfortunately for her, she has become the Angel of Death.

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