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Road Kill
Director(s): Ernest R. Dickerson
Writer(s): Melissa Rosenberg & Scott Reynolds
Premiere: November 15, 2009
Season Four
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Road Kill is the eight episode of twelve episodes in Season Four and the Forthy-fourth episode in the DEXTER television series. The episode aired on November 15, 2009. In this episode, Dexter travels to Tampa with Arthur "The Trinity Killer" and plans to kill him there.


Dexter manages to convince Arthur to taking him along to Tampa, FL where supposedly he will restart his killing cycle. Things go way different.



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  2. [2] Moore family, include Bob Moore(dad), Nancy Moore(mom) ,Spencer Moore(son) and unnamed daughter, are the family that Arthur talks to in restaurant
  3. [3] Along with Mr. Lee, are a couple that lives in Arthur's former house.
  4. [4] Along with #1, are people who help Arthur from falling of the building
Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Road kill - it isn't a killing on the road, it a "Road" that leads to "Kill"ing, as Dexter plan to do with Arthur, although he's fail. It may also refers to Arthur's "Road" of "Kill"ing as Trinity Killer, that seems to end when he tries to commit suicide, but Dexter saved him.
Lila from season 2 is mention in this episode.

Harry disappears again in this episode. He seems to disappear back and forth.
As he emerges a lot in Episode 5, vanishes in 6, emerges again in 7 and vanishes again in 8, this episode.

Althought a word "Kill" is in a title, nobody died or injured in this episode.
"Born in blood, both of us."
- Dexter, think about himself and Trinity

"Guilt, remorse, it’s what separate us from the animals.
Your conscience is eating away at you but you’re gonna feel better. Confession is good for the soul."
- Arthur ,to Dexter.
"All the more proof I don’t have a soul."
- Dexter, think to himself about what Arthur said.

“I killed an innocent man and saved a guilty one. I won’t make that mistake again"
- Dexter, to himself.

"It should have been Arthur Mitchell on my table.
Trinity, shooter of my sister. I should have…
No, no should haves – that’s not me. I just need to stop thinking about it."
- Dexter, to himseld about killing a innocent people.

A changed man at peace with himself. Maybe only monsters feel no regret.
If erring is human, than remorse must be too. Wait – does that make me human? Huh! -
- Dexter, to himself.

"This is his solution to remorse – suicide.
That’s why he could unburden himself. He knew this was next.
Will it be my only solution someday?"
- Dexter, to himself about Arthur's suicide.

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