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Dirty Harry
Director(s): Keith Gordon
Writer(s): Tim Schlattmann
Premiere: October 25, 2009
Season Four
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Dirty Harry is the fifth episode of twelve episodes in Season Four and the Forty-first episode in the DEXTER television series. The episode aired on October 25, 2009.


Dexter visits Debra in the hospital where she is recovering. When Anton arrives, Debra tells the truth about Lundy to him and calls off their relationship. The police believe that Lundy and Debra were shot by the Vacation Murderer, but Dexter is sure that Trinity is the one responsible for the crime. Rita receives a phone call from Dexter's landlord and she finds that Dexter has kept his apartment. Angel plants information with Christine that Johnny Rose has syphilis and Nikki Wald guns down her partner. Maria discloses her relationship to her superiors and Angel is promoted and transferred to another precinct. Debra has a nervous breakdown. Dexter chases Trinity and makes an unexpected discovery.



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Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Dirty Harry - Refers to 1971 film of the same name. The protagonist "Harry Callahan" out to catch a serial killer by himself to bring justice, much like "Harry Morgan" who tells Dexter to catches the Trinity whom (he believes) shoots his daughter ,and kills him by himself.
There's a Twilight movie poster in Astor's room.
“Trinity’s a monster. If he’s the one who hurt your sister, you need to kill him.
That was my blood down there too.”
- Harry , to Dexter.

"Lundy was wrong, I was wrong. Neither of us knew there were pieces of the puzzle missing.
Trinity is a husband, a father. He’s… like me"
- Dexter, to himself.

“Is this a new page of the Code? Revenge?”
- Dexter, to himself.

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