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Episode 402: Remains to Be Seen

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Remains to Be Seen
Director(s): Brian Kirk
Writer(s): Charles H. Eglee
Premiere: October 4, 2009
Season Four
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Remains to Be Seen is the second episode of twelve episodes in Season Four and the Thirty-eighth episode in the DEXTER television series. The episode aired on October 4, 2009.


In this episode, Dexter survives from the car crash and is taken to a hospital, but Benny's corpse may still be in his car. Dexter is discharged, but he has no memory of where he disposed the body, and begins to search for the "remains", but his work in Miami Metro Homicide and his family life only seem to make things harder for Dexter.


The episode opens with paramedics helping Dexter get out of his car after suffering a car accident (Dexter fell asleep behind the wheel as shown in the previous episode) we see firefighters and officers searching throughout Dexter's car while a frantic Dexter watches from inside the ambulance. We see flashbacks of Dexter picking up the remains of Benito Gomez which Dexter hasn't properly disposed of yet. An officer approaches Dexter inside the ambulance letting him know that he has a discovered a bag inside the car, making Dexter even more frantic, it turns out to be Baby Harrison's ear medicine.

In the next scene, a doctor is testing Dexter to asking him simple standard questions which he answers correctly. The doctor notify Dexter that he has a mild concussion. Rita walks into the hospital room where Dexter is being observed



Guest starringEdit



  • Gino Aquino : Benny Gomez (flashback, seen in previous kill room)
  • Maxwell Huckabee : Little Dexter (flashback, seen in Dexter's memory of his mother's murder)
  • Olivia Presley : Jogger (another girl who jogs with Tarla)
  • Preston Thompson : Boy (another Tarla's children)


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Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Remains to Be Seen - It's a double entendre. "Remain" can mean both "something still not left" or "corpse".
Benny Gomez's "remains" are remain "to be seen" by others people if Dexter can't locate them.
"H-A-R-R-Y" is Dexter's password for his computer at work.

There's a difference between Trinity Killer and Dexter as serial killer.
Trinity Killer seems to like dogs (or fake to like) as he's seen walking a dog,
but Dexter hates dogs as he kills several dogs when he's young.
Dexter also mentions that dogs hate him too because he kills their owners.
Although, there's more something in common in both two of them.
"You’ve got a family to take support, and people to dismember! You’re spinning too many plates"
Harry, to Dexter

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