Remains to Be Seen
Director(s): Brian Kirk
Writer(s): Charles H. Eglee
Premiere: 4 October 2009
Season Four
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Remains to Be Seen is the second of twelve episodes in Season Four of DEXTER, and the thirty-eighth overall episode of the series. It first aired 4 October 2009 on Showtime.

Dexter survives the car crash and is taken to a hospital, but has no memory of where he disposed of Benny's corpse.


Dexter wakes up in his totaled car and quickly remembers Benny Gomez, the guy he killed, the guy whose body parts he has not dumped at sea. The paramedics whisk him away against his will, but soon Dexter is out of the hospital against the doctor's orders and out looking for the body parts. They aren't in the car. They aren't at the crash site. He must have stashed them somewhere until he could find them later. Unfortunately, his lack of sleep has deprived him of a key memory. Where did he put the body parts? A vision of Harry tries to help him remember, but work pulls him away from his urgent search. The department is trying to catch the Vacation Killer, who has just struck a second time. Meanwhile, the Trinity Killer is still on the loose, and Lundy joins Debra as she interrogates her prime suspect.



Guest starring



  • Gino Aquino : Benny Gomez (flashback, seen in previous kill room)
  • Maxwell Huckabee : Little Dexter (flashback, seen in Dexter's memory of his mother's murder)
  • Olivia Presley : Jogger (another girl who jogs with Tarla)
  • Preston Thompson : Boy (another Tarla's children)


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Extra Information
Title Meaning:
Remains to Be Seen - It's a double entendre. "Remain" can mean both "something still not left" or "corpse".
Benny Gomez's "remains" are remain "to be seen" by others people if Dexter can't locate them.
"H-A-R-R-Y" is Dexter's password for his computer at work.

There's a difference between Trinity Killer and Dexter as serial killer.
Trinity Killer seems to like dogs (or fake to like) as he's seen walking a dog,
but Dexter hates dogs as he kills several dogs when he's young.
Dexter also mentions that dogs hate him too because he kills their owners.
Although, there's more something in common in both two of them.

When Dexter is walking outside to get some air at the hotel murder scene, the dead body on the ground is breathing

"You’ve got a family to take support, and people to dismember! You’re spinning too many plates"
Harry, to Dexter

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