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About Last Night
Director(s): Tim Hunter
Writer(s): Scott Reynolds
Premiere: November 23, 2008
Season Three
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About Last Night is the ninth of twelve episodes in Season Three and the thirty-third episode in the DEXTER television series. The episode aired on November 23, 2008.


Dexter is happy to have someone to help him with his killings, but can his new accomplice really keep to Harry's Code or will he become the very thing Dexter seeks to destroy?


Dexter 309 0334

An upset Dexter discusses with Miguel what happened the previous night

The episode begins with Dexter waking up at Rita's house, whilst getting ready, Sylvia Prado drops by and asks Dexter what Miguel and him were doing last night because Miguel showed up late. Dexter claims that they were drinking until about Midnight, and thought Miguel went home, Sylvia says that Miguel got in only an hour ago. Dexter goes and confronts Miguel about it and he claims that he went to a bar and stayed there until dawn, but Dexter knows that he once captured one of his victims at said bar and the bar closes at 2 am.
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